Every girl wants nail paint and other cosmetics to enhance their beauty. They search the Walmart nail salon prices and its different services prices. The nail salon is not open for the whole day, and you find difficulty in tracing the salon near you. If there are good salons near you then you are one of the lucky girls in the world. The art of the nail also depends on the condition of the nails and its health. Here are the details of the Walmart salon and its prices.

Regal Nail Prices Walmart List

Walmart Nail Salon Prices
Walmart Nail Salon

Regal nails salon and spa were established in Ohio in 1997. After that, they made their initial branch in Walmart in Shreveport, Los Angeles. This place is now the main franchise. Regal nails were extended to more than 923 different locations in Canada and the United States. They have hired 3000 above experts for manufacturing the nails. It is made by experts who give good advice. Their advice serves with comfort, quality and providing you the affordable luxury to all their followers. That is the reason for the highest fame of this brand. Its branches are growing steadily from the previous 15 years.

Bench Fix Salon Prices

Take special care of nails:

Walmart Nail Salon Prices
Walmart Nail Salon

All parts of the body carry importance equally, so is the case with the nails. If you want to have the beautiful long nails then you should have to take care of them. It is essential for you to make a tour to the salon once a month for the manicure and pedicure to keep your nails healthy and beautiful.

Walmart Nail Salon Prices and Hours

Here is the list of the major services and the Walmart nails salon prices:

Walmart Nail Salon Prices
Walmart Nail Salon Prices
Walmart Acrylic Nails$ 22
Walmart Acrylic Nails (Fills Only)$ 15
Walmart Gel Nails Color$ 18
Walmart Diamond Nails$ 30
Walmart Diamond Nails (Fills Only)$ 20
Walmart UV Gel Nails$ 31
Walmart UV Gel Nails (Fills Only)$ 21
Walmart Pink & White Solar$ 36
Walmart Pink & White Solar (Fills Only)$ 26
Walmart Solar Pink$ 31 – Extra Gel for $3
Walmart Solar Pink (Fills Only)$ 18 – Extra Gel for $3
Walmart White Tips$ 25
Walmart White Tips (Fills Only)$ 15
Walmart Manicure with French or color$ 10 -$3 extra
Walmart Spa Pedicure with French or color$ 18 -$3 extra
Walmart Spa Pedicure & Manicure$ 27
Walmart Nail Repair$ 3
Walmart Nail Removal$ 10
Walmart Cut Down Hand$ 5
Walmart Cut Down Feet$ 7
Walmart Polish Change Hand$ 5
Walmart Polish Change Feet$ 7
Walmart French Manicure Polish$ 8
Walmart American Manicure Polish$ 8
Walmart French or American Manicure$ 3
Walmart Airbrush Design or Nail Art$ 5
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Here is the list of the herbal spa services and the Walmart nails salon prices:

Walmart Pedicure$ 26
Walmart Pedicure Regular$ 28
Walmart Manicure$ 15
Walmart Manicure Regular$ 18

Do Regal provides cheap nail services?

Walmart Nail Salon Prices
Walmart Nail treatment

Yes, with the high Walmart nail salon prices Regal also provides the cheap services to the customers. The cheap services include the manicure and pedicure, full body wax and as well as the massage of the hands, feet, and shoulders. Many of its customers feel comfortable after this service.


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