Son of Will Smith and hot actress Sheree Fletcher , Trey Smith have guts to act well enough. He got famous screen works, like The Speech, Real or Magic and another acting performance is The Will Smith Music Video Collection. He open eyes as Kid in 11 November, 1992 in United States. His grandfather’s name is Les Zampino.

  • Full Name: Trey Smith
  • Born: 1992, 11 November
  • Height: 6 Feet
  • Weight: Uknown
  • Parents: Mother: Sheree Zampino ; Father: Will Smith
  • Youtube: Here
  • Step Mother: Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Step Father: Jodie Fletcher

He was interested in sports to play part time Football at Oaks Christian School with Joe Montana’s child. In 2010, he got offer from Northern Arizona Institute for sports scholarship.

Trey’s father got married to Jada Pinkett after getting divorce from Sheree who is actual mom of him.

Trey is passionate about singing, and music, he will be as energetic DJ soon. He is likes to meet his new siblings from another stepmom, Jaden and Willow. Recently, He published their images on social media, continuously he is doing the same. When his younger brother got his first car, he wish him best luck, and says, “Priceless”.

He has not involved in any controversies yet, Pretty clean and single youngster.

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A unkown source, told that, He is dating with his girlfriend, who you see in picture below.

Body Measurements and Net worth

Smith is tall man, 6 feet 3 Inch and have slim body, have 200 ponds weight. As he takes successful steps into music industry, Trey Smith’s net worth has been going at $2 million.

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