Steve Lawrence Net Worth: Born on 1959 September 24. Who is an Amercian citizen and begins a career as Puppeteer. Steve Lawrence Whitmire become a well-known celebrity after a hit show on Disney called “The Muppets” and another show “Sesame Street“. He admitted performing the character of Kermit Frog and Ernie when Jim Henson died in 1999. He has fired now by Disney in 2017. Steve has net worth of $900,000.

Steve Whitmire Net Worth

Kermit lost his voice. Disney has put Steve Whitmire at the door after 27 years. Already 9 months ago Disney informed the voice of Kermit on the telephone that he can’t play the Cult Frog any longer. A shock for the 57-year-old.

In his blog, Steve Whitmire has tried to put his feelings into words: “For me, the ‘muppets’ are not just a job, a career opportunity or a passion. They are an enjoyment, an urgent and indisputable way of life against which it is impossible to resist. ”

Disney has fired the puppeteer for two reasons, but Kermit’s voice, Steve Whitmire, and Disney do not currently want to be included. 

Whitmire says, “I have offered several times to stop the two things. I wish we could have sat down, looked into each other’s eyes and talked about it. For the past nine months, I have remained silent because I hoped Disney would still be changing. I would still do all that is necessary to dispel all concerns. I’m sure you can imagine that I’ve been through all sorts of emotions ever since.”

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