Slim Jimmy Net Worth has been floating at $1,500,000. Slim Jimmy is the member of the crew Rae Sremmurd, where Slim is a rapper, hip hop artist. Swae Lee, who is real brother of Jimmy, is also a member of this group and secret behind his success and confidence. In their peak times, both worked hard and released some famous albums and ranked well on top according to US Billboard Music Chart. He was connected with a group having 3 members in it, named as “Dem Outta St8Boyz” in teenage. They used to compose the music at home and then they play them at club, parties and on local concerts. Later, their 3rd member left this group, therefore this two brother started working together and made a successful career.

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  • Birth name: Slim Jimmy
  • Birthdate: 29th December 1993
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Brother: Swae Lee

Initial Life and Career

Slim was born on 29th December 1993, in California. He was grown up with his younger brother named Khalif Brown also known as Swae Lee. When Slim was 13 years old he moved to Tupelo along with his family. In his early day, his parent separated and they were moved to the shelter home. There, they met a boy who was alcohol and drug addicted.

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They had met Lil pantz and started working on the music. They compose the music and then sing it at the club, concerts, and parties. Slim is also known by his stage name ‘Caliboy’. Caliboy and his brother used to compose the music and then sell it to buy the instruments. They had also done the part time job to support their career.

Once, they have participated in the BET R&B show named ‘106 and Park’. They had made a brilliant performance with the Andre Harrys. Slim and Swae had performed in the competition, after which they were signed to the Song Music, Def Jam labels but they have refused it. After this competition, their third partner had left the crew and joined the music producing company. Later, both brothers had formed their own group.

The duo had first signed a record deal under the Ear Drummers Entertainment and name their group: Rae Sremmurd. The Duo had released their single album named ‘No Flex Zone’. This was their first brilliant success, their album was ranked to 5th position on Billboard. After this, Rae had started work and released a Sremm Life album in January 2015.

Music Albums – Songs

Slim Jimmy net worth
Slim Jimmy and Swae

Slim had released top songs and albums that were ranked on the top position on the US Billboard 200. His top songs are black beatles, swang, no type, no flex zone, this could be us, come get her, throw sum mo, up like Trump, by chance, lit like bic, my x, over here and so on.

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Slim Jimmy – Net Worth

He had earned a handsome amount in no time, he had made the big hits with his brother Swae through his songs and debut albums. The net worth according to the statistics is $ 1.5 million.

Whom slim is dating?

Slim was dating Dej Loaf, but he had broken her heart for promoting his next album. Both brothers are called the true heart broker.

Slim Jimmy Net Worth: $1.5 million

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