This is about Shane Lee Dawson, Youtube video maker, author, and Producing videos online about comedy, acting and singing too. Well, I thought you come here to know his net worth? Right? So, Shane Dawson net worth is estimated to be $4 million by making some videos on youtube. Let’s check his interview.

Shane Dawson Interview by Larry King:

Hey, it’s big guys so I wanted to put something up that was a little bit different today Recently I was interviewed by Larry King who is one of my idols. I have been watching him since I was a little kid and used to watch C.N.N. every night with my mom. I was like one day I want to grow up and be interviewed by Larry King, never thought it would happen and it did and it was one of the best it’s life. So I thought it would be fun if I put the interview here so I could keep it here forever so enjoy the interview. It’s like fifteen minutes long, talk about my life and bunch of crazy shit I make Larry laugh at I probably make a monk up trouble so enjoy it.

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Larry King begins with Very you know Jane Dawson twenty ten he was named Forbes magazine’s 25th most famous web celebrity with 1.5 Billion views and over 12 million subscribers. He’s one of the world’s biggest you do Ber’s and he’s now transitioning into the film industry with his first movie not cool becoming a smash success on i Tunes. And Amazon also his directorial debut for not cool was recently chronicled on the Star 10 Sports documentary series called “The chair one point” two billion views, Larry Added. How to do this all start, first of all.

Shane Dawson said: I would like to record everything you just said have that be my ringtone so I can hear you talking that me there will be fun I’ll be glad to do your research I’ll be glad to do your cell phone answering so. In the start, I’ve been making videos ever since I was six years old or something. I know working a job at Jenny Craig the weight loss company and Nodong and any call that you know I lost a couple hundred pounds there. So they hired me just to be a receptionist. And I was really bored and I just started making videos at work and kind of found YouTube. No, you send them out and people do try to have you make money on YouTube You know there are ads before the videos ads on the sides. And make me some money, but I didn’t care about this.

It could be anything, then back when I first started it was really outrageous. I was playing a lot of different characters mainly out of necessity because my friends didn’t want to be in my videos so I had to put on wigs and dresses and do it myself where you do what city I would live in Long Beach OK let’s go I’m going to ship out of one of your most popular YouTube videos and now this had over eleven million views let’s watch you know it all scares me when my mom tries to cook for me. OK under the turkey you know when I’m going to go take the cat to the vet that’s not a cat. It scares me when doctors mess up. OK, so to surgery my real good you should be healed up in like two weeks Thank you oh OK feel a demented bad thing I mean. What because it effects change s*x change that I want you to want it I came here to get my tonsils taken out. Shane Dawson’s net worth is more than $4,000,000.

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Oh my God OK first of all hide the sharp objects because I’m going to kill myself live on your show what well OK here’s the thing that you did why did I don’t understand but here’s the thing about YouTube you know that video was uploaded so long ago but you too the people think that just because it’s still there like it happened yesterday so. To embarrass but I’m not embarrassed because I’m proud of everything I’ve done but you know what that was nice seven years ago really made a fortune out.

Of you don’t you know I mean the hard part about You Tube is that you know you make all the money but you also have to spend all the money I mean my overhead at one point was exactly what I was making but what does it cost oh man I mean it got to a point where you know I was doing all my own production and I had you know producer that I was paying I had you know a lot of people that was helping me create these things in the studio I don’t have a studio but I bought a house that I turned half of it into a studio which I’ve recently sold just today what do you think it’s worth to you to yourself look at yourself why is this work I think it works because it’s genuine you know I’m honest and my videos are funny and crazy there’s always a message to it and it’s what kids it’s what teenagers relate to it’s what they want to launch who watches what age group. I mean I’d say between twelve and eighteen is the biggest but now it’s kind of changed more into college kids because I think grew up yeah I’d say it’s sixty percent girls may do you know other YouTube users Yeah I pretty much know all of them but You Tubers are all pretty antisocial so it’s not like there are parties at there is a not voted is is that the character is that you.

Let me. Tell you all kind of wild guy or is this just living out yeah you have inner self and it’s definitely not me I mean I’m pretty boring and low key and I’m not very confident so when I started the You Tube thing I had to put on that fake big thing you know and and I can snap into a pretty easily or you parents they do this all they love I mean my mom has been my biggest fan forever and she’s extremely religious which is hilarious because she will tell me if something is not dirty and auth or not wrongdoing Yeah and she’s very she goes to church every Sunday yeah to go to church right on the Bible every time I have a new video come out to go on the Bible and say thank you Jesus for giving Shane that idea even if the idea is me playing a woman with semen on my face if she thinks it’s a letter or does your dad do. You know I didn’t I didn’t talk to my dad for a long time I hadn’t seen him in fifteen years and I just recently saw him about a divorce yet just saw him about six months ago and now we’re you know rekindling So would you say with family we can we can it’s a little what does he make of your success he loves it which is odd because I didn’t know that he would care but I went to his house recently he had all my little magazine clippings everywhere and it’s really cool when you were very overweight whole the whole when she did with me and maybe four hundred my scale said error it didn’t go up that high so I don’t quite know did you suffer from depression ends.

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Oh yeah I mean I was so depressed as a kid I mean I would eat all we were really poor so I would eat all you know food in the house I could find so it was a lot of condiments. A lot of pain a butter a lot of cheese a block of cheese a day. And you know I just got huge What did Jenny Craig hope you. Don’t really I mean I would do it for. When I graduated I decided I said and done I’m done being high school the fact I and I was like I’m done and I’m a very addictive all or nothing person so I just said it and I lost two hundred pounds in like six months doing what just running everyday chicken vegetables stop eating peanut butter and cheese.

To be cured yourself yeah I went to Jenny Craig a little while just, you know you sat with you sit with a consultant every week and I keeps you on track but I don’t really eat the food and I didn’t really do their program but it did help you have a fear going back to. Well, I still think I’m four hundred pounds so after already there. I mean I’m wearing a completely all black long sleeve all black. You know what do you weigh Thank you I have no idea I have not weighed myself in a couple years I’m terrified I’m going to guess one eighty it’s probably one ninety.

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