Rich Boy known among his family as Maurice Richards is an old famous rapper from USA. The American rapper gained popularity in hip-hop genre. He started his career in 1999 and got huge fan followers in 2007 with amazing music hits. However, Rich boy is indeed rich but no longer a boy, because 33 years man, net worth is mentioned below. Fans are eager to know Rich Boy net worth.

Early life of Rich Boy

Rich Boy was born in US, in the state of Alabama on 2nd September 1983. He completed his high school from Tuskegee University and completed his graduation as mechanical engineer. The boy was talented and loves to study but the music was his career. So, he decided to quit his studies and pursued his dreams in making the best rapping songs because while practicing music, he gained a large fan following ending him to select it as a permanent profession.

There are very fewer sources available online providing adequate information about celebrities. However, we also haven’t found relevant information about his personal life. From known sources, it was confirmed that he had a girlfriend but he is married to her or not, it is still unconfirmed.

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He mentioned in an interview, he does not like to be followed by people.

Career journey

The career journey of Rich Boy is straightforward. His career started when he signed a contract with record label Zone 4. The album turned out to be a huge success for him and during that time, Ludacris was featured as a guest in Da Bottoms and Drakes mixtapes. Since the artists of album were popular, so fan following of Rich Boy also increased.

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His first album was released in 2007, which was a huge git and also hit the Billboard charts. Later on, Rich Boy preferred to work on singles and most of his work was produced by Polow da Don. His career had a great start but suddenly it seemed to make Rich boy rich. People didn’t like his songs and Rich boy also left Zone 4.

Later in 2011, and in 2015, his albums became more successful which was partnered with E1 Music and label E1.

Rich Boy’s Net Worth?

Rich Boy Net Worth is around $3.5 million. His earnings rely on ads, sponsorship, and endorsements. His estimated income is $235,567 while the endorsement earning is $54,287. His income from albums is estimated to be $1,277,865 which includes Gold Kilo$, Pacc Man, Bigger Than the Mayor and Bring it to the block.

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Why his net worth less than other singers?

Yes, because of his immature skills, fewer contracts, and less popularity doesn’t rat him among top50`s rappers. If he will stay determined and dedicated to his work, he must need to release a new album every year to gain popularity. It has been said by professionals of the music industry that at the age of 32, he still does not own enough skills. He still earns from his six of his popular albums. However, we wish him luck and good future ahead.

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