Algernod Lanier Washington famously known as Piles on stage is an American rapper and lyricist. If we talk about someone who is a celebrity, there are two factors that define it; wealth and fame. Piles have definitely these two and has grown as a famous celebrity over time. Currently, his net worth is estimated to be almost $15 million ($14.3 million) and this whole wealth is the outcome of his music career and several albums he released.

He was born in July 1976 in Florida and attended high school. Before getting to his music career and entertainment industry, he was best known for his outstanding game of football. He was really good at it and this also proved useful for him as well. This was the football that brought him various scholarships for Miami University and the Central University of Florida. He dropped university in1997 to pursue his music career and never looked back.

He owns the Big Gates that he established with his step brother and has a considerable share in the company. From 2007-2008 he worked with Slip-n-Slide Records that turned out in release of three albums. The Real Testament, Da REAList, and Definition of Real were his earliest music albums that had two very successful songs as well. He also worked with Akon in Hypnotized and it brought him success, fame, and wealth at the same time. This was the time, a footballer turned into a great rapper and celebrity. His wealth started growing with the passage of time and the passion of football also proved good to build a good number of fans.

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Some Details of His Life and Career

  • Full Name: Algernod Lanier Washington aka Plies
  • D.O.B: 01-07-1976
  • Place of Birth: Florida
  • Profession: Rapper and Lyricist
  • Alma Mater: Miami University and University of Central Florida
  • Spouse: Not married, though he has 1 son, Nijier Lanier Washington from his ex-girlfriend
  • Brandy Lacole Lyons.
  • Relationships: He is currently dating Lira Galore

Plies Net Worth – 14.27 Million USD

So far he has worked on multiple music albums and all proved successful for him showing his talent to the whole world. His latest album was the Purple Heart that he released back in 2016. His name was also listed in the nominations for the Grammy Award in the best rap group.

When someone turns a celebrity, the fame through social media comes easily and steadily. So in of Piles, he has received immense popularity over social media platforms and his Instagram account has more than 4.6 million followers. He was involved in a number of controversies and was detained as well over a shooting and attempted murder case. He was once arrested for driving under influence.

Talking about his business, assets, and earnings there are a number of sources that constantly add to his wealth with every passing day. As we have told that he owns a record company the Big Gates with his step-brother so he has a good share in that. Along with that, his music albums always give him $400,000-$500,000 every year and he charges around $25,000 for every show.

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His assets and property include some really expensive cars as he is a guy who loves having modern and classic cars in his collection. He is fond of classic vintage cars and Pontiac 350 was the latest addition to his collection costing him almost $85,000. He is not married yet but has a son from a former girlfriend and the current updates confirm that he is dating Lira Galore and has been spotted at many places.

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