Peter Popoff Net Worth: Peter Popoff is an American faith healer and the televangelist. He claimed to be a prophet. Peter basically belongs to Germany but currently residence to the Bradbury, California. He was born on July 2, 1946, in West Berlin, Germany.  The net worth of the Peter Popoff is more than $ 10 million USD.

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Peter Popoff Net Worth
Peter Popoff
  • Birth name: Peter Popoff
  • Birthdate: July 2, 1946
  • Birth place: West Berlin, Germany
  • Spouse: Elizabeth Popoff
  • Children: Amy Cardiff (daughter), Nickolas Popoff (son), Alex Popoff (son)

Initial life and career of Peter Popoff

Popoff was born to the family of George and Gerda Popoff. In his childhood, he moved to the United States along with his family. He joined Chaffey College and completed his graduation there and then joined the University of California, Santa Barbara for further qualification.

He had started his televangelist career in the start of the 1980s. Peter provides the solution to the disease of the people and the guide them to live the life properly. This was the most loved thing about him. Peter guides the people who are suffering from the various disease that how to cure and break the chain of evil. He does so by asking the audience to throw the particular medicine or bottles on the stage.

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Peter also trained his followers to serve people to break and rise the bounds. He gives the command to the wheelchair persons, they perfectly stand up and walk without any support. Peter is a cheer leader and hopes for the ill persons. It was rumored that the person seated in the wheel chair was already perfectly fine, it was just a prank to misguide the people.

Popoff started a program for the funding of the bibles. He distributes the bible to the citizen via this show. Peter attach it through the helium filled balloons and float towards the city. Once, a doubter asked him about the details of the money budgeted for the bibles and the balloons. After few days, he made a robbery attack at his own head office and asked the audience for the donation to overhaul the loss.

Peter Popoff – Books

  1. Demons At Your Doorstep (1982)
  2. Calamities, Catastrophies, and Chaos (1980)
  3. 3 steps to answered prayer (1981)
  4. A New Fire Is Blazing (1980)
  5. America’s Family Crisis (1982)
  6. Ye Shall Receive Power: The Amazing Miracle of Holy Spirit Baptism (1982)
  7. Set Free from Satan’s Slavery (1982)
  8. Seven Delivery Systems for God’s Healing Power (1981)
  9. Forecasts for Nineteen-Eighty Two (1980)
  10. Twenty-Seven Things the Church Must Go Through Before the Great Tribulation (1981)
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Is Peter Popoff married or divorced?

Peter Popoff Net Worth
Peter Popoff

Peter married to the girl named Elizabeth Popoff, in 1970. After getting married the duo settled down in Upland, California. The couple has 3 children named: Amy Cardiff (daughter), Nickolas Popoff (son), and Alex Popoff (son).

Peter Popoff- Height and Weight

  1. Height: 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm)
  2. Eyes color: black
  3. Weight: 68 kg or 149 lbs.
  4. Ethnicity: White German American
  5. Hair Color: Black
  6. Shoe size: 10 US

How much is Peter Popoff net worth?

He is the well-known American personality and the preacher. Peter has earned a lot from his career and also served the ill and needy people. The net worth of the Popoff equals to $ 10 million.

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