Nancy Putkoski Wiki, Photos, Children, Marriage and Divorce?

Nancy Putkoski is known because of her husband Anthony Bourdain, who is an American author, chef and TV personality. Their marriage went 25 years long, and due to some domestic reasons, they divorced. People are familiar with her as the first wife of the Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain has a girlfriend, Her name is Barefoot Contessa.

Nancy Putkosk
Nancy Putkosk & Anthony Bourdain
  • Birth name: Nancy Putkoski
  • Birthdate: Not Known
  • Birth place: New York City, New York
  • Spouse: Anthony Bourdain
  • Children: Ariane Bourdain

Initial life and Career of Nancy Putkoski

The early life and the parental information about the Nancy Putkoski is not revealed. Nancy Putkoski joined the Dwight-Englewood School and completed her schooling in 1973. She studied with her future husband Anthony Bourdain in the same school, but at that time both were unknown to each other. During their college life, they started dating and their long term affair turned to marriage.

Her profession and the career information is not known to the public. She was idle when married to Anthony. Anthony supported her financially and became the source of fame for her.

Reason behind Nancy Putkoski & Anthony Bourdain divorce

Though, the couple was dating each other since their study life. They dated each other for several years and finally got married, in 1986. The duo spent 25 years with each other and finally decided to take divorce. They have not said any single word to the media and never revealed the reason behind their separation. But there was a rumour that Anthony is gay and this is the reason for their separation, but we have no string proof behind these arguments.

Nancy Putkosk
Nancy Putkosk & Anthony Bourdain Separation

In previous year Nancy took the picture of the Anthony in the swimming pool with another guy. Both were naked, this was the viral news on the social media. But in an interview, when a media person asked Anthony about his picture, he simply asked that he is my close friend and we were enjoying in the pool, and no picture can decide my gender. Anthony said Steven Temple is a chef and we worked together. Nancy was the reason behind this misunderstanding and it clearly shows that she wanted to get back from him.

Nancy Putkoski – Height, Weight

  1. Height: 5 feet 6 inches (173 cm)
  2. Eyes colour: Brown
  3. Weight: 55 kg or 121 lbs.
  4. Ethnicity: Not known
  5. Hair Color: Dark Brown
  6. Bra Size: 34 B
  7. Dress size: Not known
  8. Measurements: Not known
  9. Shoe size: 9 US

Nancy Putkoski – Net worth

Nancy is not earning, she depends upon the money and the income of her ex-husband Anthony. Although the duo had divorced, as an ex-wife, she has some rights on him. So, we can mention her net worth via her husband, which is $ 16 million USD.

Bourdain Career as Chef:

In the confidential kitchen, Bourdain explains how his love of food was stimulated in France-when he tasted his first oyster, on a fisherman’s boat, still young, on a family holiday. Later, when he was studying at Vassar, she worked at a seafood restaurant in Provincetown, Massachusetts, who drove her to follow the kitchen professionally. He got graduation from the Culinary Institute of America in 1978 and proceeded to manage the kitchens of several restaurants in New York such as the Supper Club, One Fifth Avenue and Sullivan.

Bourdain Career as Media Person:

Bourdain has gained immediate popularity with Kitchen Confidential, his book of 2000 (bestseller from the New York Times list, work shows the hidden and darker side of the culinary world, and it’s a book of personal and Professional souvenirs Bourdain).

Bourdain later wrote two other nonfiction books (both entered the list of the New York Times): Cook Tour (2001), an exotic tale of his gastronomic travels around the world, in collaboration with his first television series, and the Nasty Bits (2006), another gathering of essays and exotic and challenging stories focused mainly on food. Other books by the author include the cookbook Les Halles by Anthony Bourdain; The works of the mystery “culinary” Bone in the Throat and Gone Bamboo; A hypothetical historical survey, Typhoid Mary: An Urban Historical.

Bourdain’s articles and essays have appeared in various media, including the American New Yorker magazine, the New York Times, The Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Observer, the Independent, Financial Times, Gourmet magazines, Maxim, Esquire (UK). Scotland on Sundays, the Face, Food Arts, limb by limb, BlackBook, Best Life and Town & Country. On the Internet, his blog started for the third season of the Top Chef program, was nominated for a Webby Prize for the best blog-cultural/personal in 2008.

Tom Wopat Arrested: Finger in the butt!! (American Actor)

What happens to Tom Wopat Dukes of Hazzard?

“Django Unchained” star Tom Wopat (65) had to be held on Thursday because of sexual coercion and drug possession in court. According to “TMZ” the actor of a woman should have pushed his finger between the buttocks!

Tom Wopat on August 3 in court in Waltham, Massachusetts. It came after payment of 1000 dollar bail free
Tom Wopat on August 3 in court in Waltham, Massachusetts. It came after payment of 1000 dollar bail free


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According to the police, the incident happened on July 23rd at the Reagle Theater in Waltham, Massachusetts, where Wopat rehearsed for “42nd Street”. When a female crew member ran in front of him, he was supposed to have grabbed her butt, she’d even felt his finger between her buttocks.

In addition, statements by two other women who were also harassed by Tom Wobat were reported to the court. One reported, Wobat had hugged her from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist, the other telling him he had sung her from her arm!

But this was not enough: when the police arrested him, drug pack found in his trouser pocket and in his car bag with white powder, presumably cocaine. In his pocket was a blue straw …

tom wopat
tom wopat is married and has 5 kids

One of the theater’s bosses told the police that he had warned Wopat because he came to the theater under the influence of cocaine.

According to police, Tom Wopat confessed on the day of his arrest to the official that he was using the drug from time to time.

However, Wopat denied all allegations before the court. The New Yorker said he had flirted, but did not behave inappropriately.

After paying a deposit of $ 1,000, Tom Wopat was released, he must keep away from the women of the theater. Tom Wopat’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. 

The Reagle Theater announced on Thursday on its Facebook page that Wopat’s role of “Julian Marsh” the local actor Rich Allegretto will take over.

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Peter Popoff Net Worth (American Televangelist)

Peter Popoff Net Worth: Peter Popoff is an American faith healer and the televangelist. He claimed to be a prophet. Peter basically belongs to Germany but currently residence to the Bradbury, California. He was born on July 2, 1946, in West Berlin, Germany.  The net worth of the Peter Popoff is more than $ 10 million USD.

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Peter Popoff Net Worth
Peter Popoff
  • Birth name: Peter Popoff
  • Birthdate: July 2, 1946
  • Birth place: West Berlin, Germany
  • Spouse: Elizabeth Popoff
  • Children: Amy Cardiff (daughter), Nickolas Popoff (son), Alex Popoff (son)

Initial life and career of Peter Popoff

Popoff was born to the family of George and Gerda Popoff. In his childhood, he moved to the United States along with his family. He joined Chaffey College and completed his graduation there and then joined the University of California, Santa Barbara for further qualification.

He had started his televangelist career in the start of the 1980s. Peter provides the solution to the disease of the people and the guide them to live the life properly. This was the most loved thing about him. Peter guides the people who are suffering from the various disease that how to cure and break the chain of evil. He does so by asking the audience to throw the particular medicine or bottles on the stage.

Peter also trained his followers to serve people to break and rise the bounds. He gives the command to the wheelchair persons, they perfectly stand up and walk without any support. Peter is a cheer leader and hopes for the ill persons. It was rumored that the person seated in the wheel chair was already perfectly fine, it was just a prank to misguide the people.

Popoff started a program for the funding of the bibles. He distributes the bible to the citizen via this show. Peter attach it through the helium filled balloons and float towards the city. Once, a doubter asked him about the details of the money budgeted for the bibles and the balloons. After few days, he made a robbery attack at his own head office and asked the audience for the donation to overhaul the loss.

Peter Popoff – Books

  1. Demons At Your Doorstep (1982)
  2. Calamities, Catastrophies, and Chaos (1980)
  3. 3 steps to answered prayer (1981)
  4. A New Fire Is Blazing (1980)
  5. America’s Family Crisis (1982)
  6. Ye Shall Receive Power: The Amazing Miracle of Holy Spirit Baptism (1982)
  7. Set Free from Satan’s Slavery (1982)
  8. Seven Delivery Systems for God’s Healing Power (1981)
  9. Forecasts for Nineteen-Eighty Two (1980)
  10. Twenty-Seven Things the Church Must Go Through Before the Great Tribulation (1981)

Is Peter Popoff married or divorced?

Peter Popoff Net Worth
Peter Popoff

Peter married to the girl named Elizabeth Popoff, in 1970. After getting married the duo settled down in Upland, California. The couple has 3 children named: Amy Cardiff (daughter), Nickolas Popoff (son), and Alex Popoff (son).

Peter Popoff- Height and Weight

  1. Height: 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm)
  2. Eyes color: black
  3. Weight: 68 kg or 149 lbs.
  4. Ethnicity: White German American
  5. Hair Color: Black
  6. Shoe size: 10 US

How much is Peter Popoff net worth?

He is the well-known American personality and the preacher. Peter has earned a lot from his career and also served the ill and needy people. The net worth of the Popoff equals to $ 10 million.

Jesse Duplantis Net Worth 2017 (Founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries)

Jesse Duplantis Net Worth: Jesse Duplantis is the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries as well as the Evangelical Charismatic Christian minister. He was born on July 9, 1949, in New Orleans, Louisiana, US. Jesse is loveable personality, he is known as the successful gospel among the people. He is earning handsome revenue from his profession. The net worth of the Jesse Duplantis is $ 40 million USD.


  • Birth name: Jesse Duplantis
  • Birthdate: July 9, 1949
  • Birth place: New Orleans, Louisiana, US
  • Spouse: Cathy Duplantis
  • Children: Jodi Duplantis Walker (daughter)

Height and Weight:

  1. Height: 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm)
  2. Eyes color: Light gray
  3. Weight: 70 kg or 154 lbs.
  4. Ethnicity: White German American
  5. Hair Color: White
  6. Shoe size: 10 US

Career life of Jesse Duplantis

Jesse early life and the schooling is not disclosed, but he had shared his career information to the social media. He addressed to the sermon for the first time, in 1976. Jesse first time appeared in the show “The Apostle of Joy” telecasted on the TBN. He was brought to the social media by John Hagee. Jesse is the multi-talented guy, he used his musical talent to be the full-time evangelistic minister, in 1978.

He had written a book named “Close Encounters of the God Kind”, in which he had described his binding and the worships with the God. Jesse had discussed the reality of life and death, the scenes of heaven, sin, and virtue, love for God and the Humanity in his book.


Jesse Duplantis Ministries is under him, he overrules and manages the headquarters located in America. The ministries branches are spread in the different part of the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Cathy Duplantis and Jesse Duplantis collectively made a base of the Covenant Church, in 1997. This church was the local place for the public, near headquarter of Jesse Duplantis Ministries, in Destrehan, Louisiana.

The JDM is the best way to preach the people and help them to live and change their life according to the Jesus. In the interview, he described his motto which is: “I want to change the world and see the world with the Blessing of the God on everyone and everywhere”. He had written a lot of books for the guidance of the people and his books are translated into 13 different languages. Jesse was seen on the TV shows like Daystar, ABC, NBC, Trinity Broadcasting Network, CBS, and LeSEA.

Spouse & children

He is a married man, he married to the Cathy Duplantis and have one daughter named Jodi Duplantis Walker. Jesse is living a happy life with his wife and daughter.



  1. Heaven: Close Encounters of the God Kind (1988)
  2. What in Hell Do You Want (2012)
  3. Wanting a God You Can Talk to (2001)
  4. Distortion: The Vanity of Genetically Altered Christianity (2012)
  5. God Is Not Enough, He’s Too Much! (1997)
  6. Living at the Top: How to Prosper God’s Way and Avoid the Pitfalls of Success (2016)
  7. Understanding Salvation: A Guidebook for New Christians (2005)
  8. Why Isn’t My Giving Working?: The Four Types of Giving (2013)
  9. For by Faith: If You Don’t Know What IT Is, You Won’t Get IT (2014)
  10. Sovereignty of God (2005)

Jesse Duplantis – Net Worth

How much is Jesse Duplantis net worth? There are different sources of his income, he earned through the books, preaching, from the TV shows and so on. The net worth of the Jesse Duplantis is $ 40 million USD.


Height –

Books –

Armie Hammer Net Worth, Bio, Age, Affairs, Girlfriend, Wife

Full NameArmand Douglas "Armie" Hammer
NicknameArmie Hammer
Armie Hammer net worth$ 16 million
Body Stats
Height1.96 meter
Weight95 Kg
Debut in Acting2008
Age30 Years
Affairs/ EX-GirlfriendsElizabeth Chambers
Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/SpouseElizabeth Chambers
Personal Data
Date of BirthAugust 28, 1986
Place of BirthLos Angeles
Zodiac StarVirgo
HometownLos Angeles, CA, USA
SchoolLos Angeles Baptist High School
Collegepasadena city college
Highest EducationM.B.A
UniversityNew York University
Children/Kids2: Harper Hammer (Daughter) and Ford Douglas Armand Hammer
Armie Hammer with his daughter
Armie Hammer with his Son

First trailer for ‘Call Me by Your Name’, gay drama starring Armie Hammer

The Sony Pictures released the first trailer for ‘ Call Me by Your Name’, a gay drama starring  Armie Hammer.

The film features  Luca Guadagnino, the same as ‘A Bigger Splash ‘, as director and screenwriter of the project.

The premiere of the film took place at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and received a number of accolades.

In the plot, a boy of 17 years and the friend of its father, lived by Armie Hammer, ends up falling in love.

Facts About His Life:

Hammer was born in Californian Los Angeles in 1986 as the son of Dru Ann (born Mobley) and Michael Armand Hammer. His great-grandfather was the industrialist and art collector Armand Hammer. Hammer grew up in Los Angeles, Dallas, and the Cayman Islands.

From 2005 he took over the first smaller roles in different TV series. In the 2008 release Billy: The Early Years, Hammer took over the role of the young Baptist pastor Billy Graham. What is Armie Hammer’s net worth in these years? Well, it’s not that much like other actors, his income grows with time, stick on $16 million. In the filming of the Vonnegut- short story Harrison Bergeron under the title 2081 hammer took the role of the title hero.

In David Fincher’s film The Social Network on the emergence of the social network Facebook, Hammer took over a twin role as twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. In scenes showing both twins, Josh Pence acted as a body double for a hammer. Later the necessary scenes of the second face were recorded in the studio and transferred digitally to the body of the other Winklevoss twins.

In Clint Eastwood’s biopic, J. Edgar Hammer took over at the side of Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Watts, the role of Clyde Tolson.

In 2017, he was admitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), which annually awards the Oscars.

Hammer has been married to the journalist Elizabeth Chambers since August 2009.