Dana Bash Net Worth – Full Biography (CNN Journalist)

Dana Bash is American Journalist and anchor, who works for the CNN news agency. Her real name is Dana Ruth Schwartz, born on June 15, 1971, in Montvale, New Jersey, U.S. She had also worked in White House and Capitol Hill network. Dana Bash has been making the net worth of $2 million USD total.

  • Birth name: Dana Ruth Schwartz
  • Birthdate: June 15, 1971
  • Birthplace: Montvale, New Jersey, U.S
  • Spouse: Jeremy Bash (1998 to 2007) & John King (2008 to 2012)
  • Children: Jonah Frank King

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Dana Bash’s Biography – Journalist

Dana Bash was born to the family of Jewish, She is a child of Stu Schwartz and Frances. She has adopted the field of her parent, as her father was the producer at ABC News and Good Morning America, and her mother was the author. They graduated from the Northwestern University.

She has the only brother named David Schwartz. He is video producer at New York City. Dana had made tours at her teenage to Montvale, New Jersey, bat mitzvah, and Washington D.C. She had attended the Pascack Hills High School. Dana had joined George Washington University & earned her political communication degree.

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Dana Bash’s Career as News Anchor

Dana Bash
Dana Bash

She had started her career through the internship at NBC, CBS, in her college life. Later, she had joined the CNN as a producer for producing the best coverage on U.S. Senate, but after few years she was promoted to the On-air reporter.

Body measurements

  1. Height: 5 feet 2 inches (168 cm)
  2. Eyes color: Dark Grey
  3. Weight: 55 kg or 121 lbs.
  4. Ethnicity: White American
  5. Hair Color: Light Brown
  6. Bra Size: 32 B
  7. Shoe size: 9 US
    Dana Bash
    Dana Bash

Is Dana Married or Divorced?

Dana Bash married two times, once with the Jeremy Bash (who is a military officer) and they divorced due to domestic reasons in 2007. In the next year, she married to the John King, who is the co-worker at the CNN. Dana gave birth to John’s son named Jonah Frank King, in 2011. In the next year, they announced on the social media that they are taking divorce.

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How much is Dana Bash net worth?

Dana Bash is successful newscaster and journalist as her father, she had given many hit shows and coverage. All her successes added up her net worth. Dana Bash’s net worth is $ 2 million USD.

Facts about this CCN’s Host:

  1. She was awarded as the Women in Washington Power List by the Elle magazine, on March 26, 2014.
  2. Dana married twice the time and got a divorce from both persons.

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Personal and Intimate Shows

“I wanted to make such personal and intimate shows as possible,” he explained. “I chose Broadway because there are these beautiful, old theaters. This seemed to me the right setting for what I was going to do. The 960 seats there – with perhaps one or two exceptions – are the smallest venue I have played in the last 40 years. My show consists only of me, my guitar, my piano as well as lyrics and music. One part of the show will consist of spoken text, another will be sung.”

Springsteen could also read from his autobiography “Born to Run” published in the previous year.

Paula Throckmorton Bio: Height, Weight, Salary, Husband, Married 2019

Paula Throckmorton is the wife of a famous TV person, anchor, and journalist named Fareed Zakaria. Fareed is the host of CNN’s show. Paula is a good and famous writer as well as a teacher. Recently, she had written the novel and published it.

Paula Throckmorton
Paula Throckmorton
  • Birth name: Paula Throckmorton
  • Birthdate: Not revealed
  • Birth Sign: Not known
  • Spouse: Fareed Zakaria
  • Children: Sofia Zakaria, Lila Zakaria, Omar Zakaria

Initial Life and Career of Paula Throckmorton

Paula Throckmorton joined the Harvard College after completing her schooling. She got her MBA degree from that college. Paula had started her career through the business, but later on, she left everything for her children.

She had started teaching because it was an easy profession for her to manage. Paula is also a good writer, she is writing for the Wall Street Journal and Slate. Recently, her novel is published. She teaches the meditation, Paula had revealed in the interview that she is interested in teaching meditation since she was 19 years old.

Body measurements – Paula Throckmorton

  1. Height: 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm)
  2. Eyes color: Brown
  3. Weight: 57 kg or 125 lbs.
  4. Ethnicity: White American
  5. Hair Color: Light Brown
  6. Bra Size: 34 B
  7. Dress size: Not known
  8. Measurements: Not Known
  9. Shoe size: 10 US

 Is Paula Throckmorton married or divorced?

Paula is married women, she married to the famous anchor person named Fareed Zakaria, 1997. They met each other via their friend and developed understanding. She is the mother of 3 children named: Sofia Zakaria (daughter), Lila Zakaria (daughter), and Omar Zakaria (son).

Paula Throckmorton
Paula Throckmorton images

The duo is living a happy life with each other, but they had faced some hurdle in their marriage life but the misconception settled down. Some sharing of the shirtless pics of Fareed caused misconception between the couple. He was struck off best nootropic online for some years from his news channel and the magazine. The Duo decided to take divorce, but they resolved the issue and they remained together. Paula is living happily with her husband and 3 children.

How much is Paula Net worth in 2019?

Paula devoted her life to her children and did not focus as much attention on her career as her husband did. So, you can say that her husband net worth is her net worth. The net worth of the Paula Throckmorton is more than $ 5 million USD. It might be increased in future years.

Eugenie Devane Bio, Husband, Children, Movies, Salary

Eugenie Devane is known as the wife of the William Devane. She got fame due to her husband, she is often seen on the red carpet along with her husband. They are the ultimate couple in the Hollywood industry as they have spent 55 years with each other, happily. They have faced difficulties much time in their married life but they remain together and supported each other in every matter.

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Eugenie Devane
Eugenie Devane & William Joseph Devane
  • Birth name: Eugenie Devane
  • Birthdate: Not known
  • Birth Sign: Not known
  • Spouse: William Joseph Devane
  • Children: Joshua Devane

After getting married in 1961, the duo is blessed with the two children. But in the accident, they had lost their elder son. This was a hard time for both of them and was the shocking news as well. Their two children were the asset of them in their life, but they have lost one of them. They have not shared their feeling and sadness in front of media, but the parents can understand the pain of losing his child.

How much is Eugenie Devane’s net worth?

Eugenie Devane has not shared any profession and the net worth information with the public and on the social media. So, we can’t comment on her net worth. The net worth of her husband William Devane is $ 5 million USD. And being a wife, this is also Eugenie’s net worth. William Devane played the main roles in the movies, show, and theaters, and his younger son (Joshua Devane) followed his profession. He was seen in these movies as a leading role: 8 Again! (Released in 1998), Blind Witness (Released in 1989), and Time stalkers (Released in 1987).

William Devane’s Top TV shows and Movies

Eugenie Devane
Eugenie Devane & William Joseph Devane
  1. Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (Released in 2011)
  2. Interstellar (Released in 2014)
  3. Good Morning, Killer (Released in 2011)
  4. The Dark Knight Rises (Released in 2012)
  5. Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (Released in 2012)
  6. The Kane Files: Life of Trial (Released in 2010)
  7. Revenge (Released in 2012)
  8. 24: Live Another Day (Released in 2014)
  9. The Least Among You (Released in 2009)
  10. The Grinder (Released in 2015)
  11. Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (Released in 2015)