How much is Mills Lane net worth? Mills Bee Lane III who is widely known by his boxing ring name which is famous as Mills Lane, he was born in the remarkable city of Savannah, Georgia, U.S. on the date of November 12, 1937. He is especially famous for his boxing career in which he was very much famous for his unique moves and his unique skills after his boxing career came to an end the next thing he did was that he become a boxing referee. Moreover other than that he also is a two-term district court Judge and a television personality. Mills Lane earns the net worth of $3,000,000 according to the year of 2016-2017.


His family belongs to rich people who can be described as the individual who owned banks, his family was from Georgia as his grandfather found the largest bank in the Georgia, and his uncle was the president of the Citizens & Southern National Bank. He had a passion for boxing which can Lively see in his eyes he started his early days as he joined the United States Marine Corps in 1956. After he had done his graduation from Middlesex School, he became a boxer he also used to hunt down his skill as well as he also used to do the training. After leaving Marine Crops, he enrolled at the University of Nevada, and he became a NCAA boxing champion. As he was at his college he became pro boxer as his learning abilities were very fast he picked up things very quickly and had a record of 10-1 as a pro. In the Olympics of 1960 at San Francisco Mills was defeated by Phil Baldwin in the boxing semi-finals. After graduating from the University of Nevada in 1963, he achieved the degree of business, after that he enrolled at the University of Utah where he studied law, and he graduated from there with the class of 1970. In 1982 he was elected as District Attorney, and in 1990 he was elected District Judge.

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Mills Lane referred his first boxing match which was the championship game in 1971 when Betulio González had a fifteen round draw with Erbito Salavarria for the WBC flyweight title. Lane became the household name as he referred the match between the Michael Gerard Tyson (Mike Tyson) and world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield in 1997 the competition was known as ‘’The Bite Fight’’. This name was given to the match due to the incident which took place during the event, and that incident was when Mike Tyson bites the opponent Holyfield ears twice. As a result, Mills had to disqualify Mike Tyson from the match and Lane’s shirt was stained with blood, and he sold the shirt to someone who was a collector on the same night. Lane was not supposed to refer the match, but the referred who was mentioned to be involved the game was a victim of Tyson’s protest due to which the Lane had to see the game. On the same thing, the other match which took place between two rivals were also disqualified by Lane because Akinwande was using illegal tactics and ignored the Lane orders what he told him not to do as it was against the rules.

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Lane presided over the court show, Judge Mills Lane which aired from 1998 to 2001, moreover from the other hand of the show producers of MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch also called him as they thought they needed his voice for some other program they were planning to run on the television. Lane agreed to his offer and told him that he would love to give his voice for the role of Judge. Lane gave his voice for the Buzz Light Year of Star Command in which he played a judge.

After the fight between Thomas Hearns and Jay Snyder on November 6, 1998, Lane made his decision that he will be going to retire after the match.

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In March 2002 Lane suffered the debilitating stroke due to the reason he was left partially paralysed, moreover he couldn’t speak. He made his appearance in the public after years was in 2006 when he was the dedication of his court name which was named after his name. In 2012, Lane was selected as Hall of Fame for International Boxing. Mills Lane enjoys the net worth of $3,000,000 according to the year of 2016-2017.

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