Who does not like music, certainly, there are some, among us, but most of the people find music the biggest part of lives. It is like oxygen to our soul, the freshness to our moods, and the amusement in ours stressful and boring life. Life is so much attractive and beautiful, we should be thankful to music for mixing; some candy for the eyes colors in our lives. You would agree with my statement, without of music, this world, would be as empty as without of women. We all listen to about all types of music, when you are in the romantic mood, you would listen to old classics, for getting into zeal and passion you would listen to hip-hop and much more.

The piano is the core part of the music; this is an unparalleled shape for those who are in search of freedom, creativity, and expression to simplify fun and joy. In recent years, even more benefits and admiration of piano became known; linking music can give healthy body and sound mind, direct sound and healthy life. Here in the few sentences ahead, we are going to pay homage the very less known and a creative artist, the pianist, the musician, Michael Krücker.

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Though most of our artists are uneducated in a way that they got no official degree from an institute, in case of Michael Krücker, he was the master degree holder from Pianists Bruno Canino (chamber music), PaulBadura-Skoda, György Sandor, Tamas Vasary and Homero Francesch.

Michael Krücker was not only known and established pianist in German but the entire world is admiring and getting inspiration from his music.

He appeared in many competitions in the United States of America, France, and Italy, from there he got financial support do more concerts, and this leads this wonderful Pianist to Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. He performed in there and got admiration throughout the world.

He did guest performances in different music festivals and amuse the people with playing the piano, like in Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, Festival de la Roque d’Anthéron, Pomeriggi Musicali and theConcert festival Knokke-Heist.

His solo performances also went notable and appreciable like in as chamber Musician, with the Cologne Radio Choir the Chorus Musicus Cologne and the RheinischeKantorei, Christiane Oelze.

He has made great relations with all musicians, actors, producers and directors were in a constant relationship with him. He was the great speaker, and always got enthusiastic welcome whenever he comes to brief on media or giving a lecture to the audience.

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His extremely refined performances like Rotterdam Dag blast and best poetic music performance in nuances were highly touchable and unmatchable.

He also appeared on television and radio and recorded his CD.

He was known with the only reason, he brings the lost and forgotten era of the best music in front of masses and the wider public. He played different instruments for just bringing the lost soul of music and enlightened the people to the true form or style of the music.

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