What is Mario Andretti Net Worth? Mario was an American racing driver and famous personality in the history of the America. He was born on February 28, 1940, in Montona, Istria, Kingdom of Italy. And now he is living in the Motovun, Istria County, Croatia. Dan Gurney and Mario had won the races such as Formula One, World Sportscar Championship, IndyCar, and NASCAR. The net worth of the Mario Andretti is more than $ 100 million USD. Do follow the links to stay updated about him. His age is 77 years Now.


His house is near 457 Rose Inn Ave, Nazareth, PA, house have 18,513 square feet diameter. It consists of four bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 1 garden, 1 swimming pool inside the house.


Mario Andretti House view


here is few cars showcased.


Mario Andretti car

Mario Andretti cars

Initial information of Mario Andretti

Mario Andretti was born to the family of Alvise Andretti (father) and Rina (mother). They are twin brother Mario and Aldo. His born place is Montona, Istria and now it is known as Motovun, Croatia. Istria was taken by the Yugoslavia in the Second World War. His family migrated to Montona with the Istrian and stay in a camp in the city of Italy, in 1948. Maria and his whole family settled Nazareth in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley situated in the America, in 1955. He got the American nationality in 1964.

Career Highlights

Mario and Aldo had chosen car racing platform to earn their livelihood before migration towards the America. In an interview, Mario revealed that he admires Alberto Ascari. In America, he continued his car racing career and did a part time job in the garage of his uncle along with his brother, in 1959. Both brothers have won many races on the race track. Aldo had had an accident and got a severe injury on his skull. But continued his career until he got another facial injury in the car crash. After this incident, he got retirement.

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Now, Mario was the only hope of his father but he dislikes this passion due to the injury of his son Aldo, in 1949. In some years, he had not attended the race ceremony of his son Mario till 1964. He had found new types of races and also won them. He became the member of the United Racing Club, in 1961. And after two years he started racing with the Drivers Clubs. In the same year, he had earned the citizenship at the United States of America. He had also joined the U.S. Auto Club and took part in the races.

In the history of the club Andretti, he was the one who has won the title: The Rookie of the Year. The next years were the golden years for him. He took NASCAR’s Daytona 500 and pole position in the race, in 1967.

Mario was considered as the brilliant car racer because of winning 2 linear 2nd position in the Indy car championship, in 1967 & 1968. He had made 9 consecutive wins and earned the honor, in 1969. Andretti had made the focus on the Formula One racing, in the middle of 1970s. He is the 2nd American after the Phil Hill who had won the world championship, in 1978.

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In his last years of career, he still considered as the power of the racing world. He had won his 4rth Indy title as well as a championship, before going back to the Indy car racing, in 1984. Mario had won the 5th Indy title by losing his own son Michael on the track.

After earning a lot from his career, his had took retirement from the Indy car racing, in 1994. After retirement, he affiliated to the halls of fame, and he was titled as “Driver of the Century” by The Associated Press and RACER magazine.

Awards of Mario Andretti

  1. National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Inductee (U.S.) (1996)
  2. Daytona 500 winner (1967)
  3. Driver of the Quarter Century (1992)
  4. IndyCar champion (1965, 1966, 1969, and 1984)
  5. (IROC VI) International Race of Champions series champion (1978, and 1979)
  6. Formula One World Champion (1978)
  7. 6 Hours of Daytona Winner (1972)
  8. Indianapolis 500 winner (1969)
  9. USAC national dirt track champion (U.S.) (1974)
  10. Motorsports Hall of Fame of America]] inductee (1990)
  11. 12 Hours of Sebring winner (1967, 1970, and 1972)
  12. ABC’s Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Year (1969)
  13. Named the “Driver of the Century” by the Associated Press and RACER magazine International Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee (2000).



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