How much is Lisa Vanderpump worth?

Lisa Vanderpump net worth: $65,000,000

Lisa Jane Vanderpump is a British or American author, restaurateur, television personality, and actress. Lisa was born on 15 September 1960, in London, England, United Kingdom. She has written Vander-pump, Lisa, Simply Divine: A Guide to Easy, Elegant, and Affordable Entertaining. The net worth of Lisa Vanderpump is $ 65 million USD. Visit her profiles to get updates and photographs:

2012$ 1,139,000
2013$ 2,700,000
2014$ 3,200,109
2015$ 4,700,000
2016$ 6,500,000
2017$ 7,000,000

She has earned $ 1,139,000, in 2012, now she is earning $ 7,000,000 USD per year.

NameLisa Jane Vanderpump
Lisa Vander pump Net Worth
Birth date15 September 1960
Born placeLondon, England, United Kingdom.
  • Author
  • Restaurateur
  • Television personality
  • Actress
SpouseKen Todd

Pandora Todd (Daughter)

Max Todd (Son)

 Lisa Vanderpump Net Worth$ 65,000,000
Per year income$ 7,878,788
Earnings by sponsors$ 1,139,000

She had started her career, in 1973. She was drama queen since childhood and started acting at the age of 9. Before moving to Monaco, she lived in London and Cheltenham. She had married to Ken Todd, in 1982, and is the mother of two children: Pandora Todd (Daughter) and Max Todd (Son). After marriage, she moved to Beverly Hills, California with her husband and children.

Lisa’s Body Measurements:

Lisa Vander pump Net Worth

She is a famous author and TV personality, she is 56 years old but still look young and attracting. She is the crush of man fans, we have mentioned her body measurements in below chart:

Lisa Vanderpump’s height5 feet 5 inches / 168 cm
Weight54 kg / 119 lbs.
Color of HairBlack


Bra Size34 C
Measurements34-25-35 inches
Waist size25 inches /64 cm
Color of EyesGrey
Shoes size12 US

 Lisa Vanderpump Net worth:

YearsNet Worth
2012$ 33,333,333
2013$ 44,067,796
2014$ 54,166,667
2015$ 59,090,910
2016$ 62,000,000
2017$ 65,000,000


Vanderpump Movies, TV shows:

Lisa Vander pump Net Worth

She has worked in many TV shows and movies. Here, we have mentioned some of her hits shows and movies with the income:

Movies/ shows NamesIncome
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills$ 5,416,667
Separate Lives$ 4,062,500
ABC Mantrap$ 3,714,286
The Wildcats of St. Trinian’s$ 3,333,333
Killer’s Moon$ 2,826,087
Total Earning:$ 19,352,873


The income from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is more than other shows/movies, the total income from above shows/movies is “$ 19,352,873”.

Popular Movies:

Here are Top shows and movies by Lisa Vanderpump:

  1. A Touch of Class (1973)
  2. Katy (1976)
  3. Killer’s Moon (1978)
  4. Kids (1979)
  5. The Wildcats of St. Trinian’s (1980)
  6. Leap in the Dark (1980)
  7. Sunday Night Thriller (1981)
  8. Something in Disguise (1982)
  9. ABC Mantrap (1983)
  10. Absolutely ABC (1990)
  11. Silk Stalking (1993)
  12. Separate Lives (1995)
  13. Baywatch Nights (1995)
  14. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2010 to present)
  15. Top Chef: Just Desserts (2010)
  16. 2012 Hero Dog Awards (2012)
  17. Vander-pump Rules (2013 to present)
  18. Dancing with the Stars (2013)
  19. Kitten Bowl (2014)
  20. “G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film” (2014)
  21. Almost Royal (2016)

The Lisa Vanderpump net worth is $ 65 million USD.  Lisa Vanderpump yearly income is more than $ 7,878,788. She has also earned $ 1,139,000 USD by sponsors.

8 FACTS about Lisa Vanderpump:

  1. Lisa Vanderpump had played the role of Julia Allessio, in the movie “A Touch of Class”. She was also seen in Baywatch Nights, in 1995
  2. She has married to Ken Todd after the meeting of six weeks at the show: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.Lisa Vander pump Net Worth
  3. Lisa is the highest paid lady and housewife at RHOBH, she has made her worth more than $ 65 million USD.
  4. She has adopted her son Max Todd on 7 December 1991.
  5. She is the owner of 26 restaurants at a different location of Los Angeles.
  6. She was shy and hesitate to join the TV serials, but later she decided to come on the screen. Now, she is one of best-known TV personalities of the world.
  7. Lisa is the stepmother of Ken’s son (child from 1st marriage): Warren. There is few years’ difference in the age of step mom and son.
  8. Warren was married to Lisa’s friend: Sue Vanner.
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