Kissanime Dragon Ball Super: Dragon ball super is the Japanese TV series that begins on July 5, 2005, it is also denoted by DBS. It is a recorded show closed to the dragon ball Z and Dragon Ball manga. It is the first new story after the 18 years. Dragon ball super series are made after the defeat of Majin Boo when the peace of earth established again. At the beginning of the story, it tells about the last two Dragon Ball Z films, Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’, afKissanime Dragon Ball Supporter the introduction the real story begins. This show is broadcast on Sunday: at 9:00 o clock on Fuji TV.

Characters in Dragon Ball Super

Kissanime Dragon Ball Super

This series is written by Akira Toriyama, published by Shueisha. Kissanime Dragon Ball Super is directed by Kimitoshi Chioka (he directed from episode number 1 to 46), Morio Hatano (he directed from episode number 33 to present), and Kōhei Hatano (he directed from episode number 68 to present). It is produced by Osamu Nozaki, Naoko Sagawa, Atsushi Kido, Tomosuke Teramoto and Satoru Takami. Here are the major characters:

  1. Goku
  2. Gohan
  3. Goten
  4. Vegeta
  5. Bulma
  6. Trunks
  7. Gotenks
  8. Krillin
  9. Master Roshi
  10. Piccolo
  11. Chi-Chi
  12. Videl
  13. Pan
  14. Satan
  15. Majin Buu
  16. Shenron
  17. Beerus
  18. Whis
  19. Oracle Fish
  20. Frieza
  21. Frost
  22. Champa
  23. Vados
  24. King Kai
  25. Bubbles
  26. Gregory
  27. Yamcha
  1. Tien Shinhan
  2. Chiaotzu
  3. Android 18
  4. Marron
  5. Oolong
  6. Puar
  7. Dende
  8. Jaco
  9. Bee
  10. Supreme Kai
  11. Kibito
  12. Kibito Kai
  13. Old Kai
  14. Emperor Pilaf
  15. Shu
  16. Mai
  17. King Vegeta
  18. Caroni
  19. Miss Piiza
  20. Pirozhki
  21. Sorbet
  22. Tagoma
  23. Shisami
  24. Captain Ginyu
  25. Tights
  26. Narrator
  27. Zuno
  28. Burpman
  29. Galactic King
  30. Monaka
  31. Cabba
  32. Hit
  33. Botamo
  34. Auta Magetta
  35. Referee
  36. Universe 6 Supreme Kai
  37. Singer
  38. Zeno
  39. Super Shenron
  40. Gryll
  41. Copy-Gryll
  42. Copy-Vegeta
  43. Potage
  44. Future Trunks
  45. Future Bulma
  46. Arale Norimaki
  47. Goku Black
  48. Future Mai
  49. Zamasu
  50. Yajirobe
  51. Korin
  52. Briefs
  53. Panchy
  54. Future Dabura
  55. Future Babidi
  56. Future Gohan
  57. Gowasu
  58. Babarian
  59. Grand Priest
  60. Future Yajirobe
  61. Haru
  62. Maki
  63. Future Zamasu
  64. Turtle
  65. Fusion Zamasu
  66. Vegito
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Different Franchise of the Dragon Ball:

Majorly, there are 4 franchises of Dragon Ball, here are following:

Kissanime Dragon Ball Super
Kissanime Dragon Ball Super
  1. Dragon Ball (manga)
  2. Dragon Ball (anime)
  3. Dragon Ball Z
  4. Dragon Ball GT

Episode list

There are total 76 episodes of Dragon Ball Super and divided into 5 seasons:

  1. Season 1: God of Destruction Beerus Saga (Episodes: 1 to 14)
  2. Season 2: Golden Frieza Saga (Episodes: 15 to 27)
  3. Season 3: Universe 6 Saga (Episodes 28 to 46)
  4. Season 4: Future Trunks Saga (Episodes 47 to 76)
  5. Season 5: Universe Survival Saga (Episodes 77 to onward)

Brief Story of Dragon Ball Super

Its first episode starts with the defeat of Majin Buu by Son Goku, and peace has returned to earth once again.  Now, Goku has started work as a farmer to earn money for his family. Goku is supporting his family and they are living a peaceful life. In The Universe 7, the Beerus is thought as the terrifying thread, named as “The God of Destruction”. He is curious to fight with “Super Saiyan God”. Goku transmutes into “Super Saiyan God” to protect the earth from Beerus. But he loses from “The God of Destruction” and decided to leave the planet. After this part, the whole story of “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” is repeated. When the Goku and Vegeta are leaving the earth, Freeza’s army reaches the earth to recover him using Dragon balls. Freeza army attack on the Goku and his friends to take the revenge from Goku, but Goku again defeats him using the new form. After this part, the whole story of “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’” is repeated.

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Kissanime Dragon Ball Super
Kissanime Dragon Ball Super

Now, the God of Destruction from universe 6, universe 7 and Champa comes and convince the other God to attack and possess the earth. Goku with his team take part in this tournament but defeated by Beerus’ team, Beerus won the tournament. After the completion of the tournament, a news spread that a more powerful enemy named Goku Black is trying to possess the earth (Actually, Zamasu from the universe 10 has attacked in the body of Goku Black). Goku Black was similar to Goku by the facial structure.

After the terrifying threat of Goku black, there held a new Tournament: “Tournament of Power” by Zen-Oh (King of all Universes). Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Kuririn, Android 17, Android 18, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Kame-Sennin, and Majin Boo joined it as the representatives of Universe 7.

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