June Foray (Born on September 18, 1917, in Springfield, Massachusetts) was an American voice actress. In 1960, she gave the voice of the Flying Squirrel Rocket J. Squirrel in the Rocky & Bullwinkle series. June Foray died at the age of 99 years.

June Foray Career:

At the age of 12, foray was on the radio for the first time. At age 15, she wrote the play Lady Makebelieve, in which she spoke several voices. Until the beginning of 1950, foray was regularly heard on the radio.
From the years 40, foray performed in films and later on television. She was only a few times herself in front of the camera, mainly as a spokesperson. In 1950, foray lent his voice to the Disney movie Cinderella of Cat Lucifer. In the following decades, Foray has been featured in more than 200 conferences in movie and television. Among the series to which they participated were Family Feuerstein, the Jets, Tom and Jerry.

On July 27, 2017, Foray died at the age of 99 years. Foray was active until her death as a spokeswoman.

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