Jesse Duplantis Net Worth: Jesse Duplantis is the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries as well as the Evangelical Charismatic Christian minister. He was born on July 9, 1949, in New Orleans, Louisiana, US. Jesse is loveable personality, he is known as the successful gospel among the people. He is earning handsome revenue from his profession. The net worth of the Jesse Duplantis is $ 40 million USD.


  • Birth name: Jesse Duplantis
  • Birthdate: July 9, 1949
  • Birth place: New Orleans, Louisiana, US
  • Spouse: Cathy Duplantis
  • Children: Jodi Duplantis Walker (daughter)

Height and Weight:

  1. Height: 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm)
  2. Eyes color: Light gray
  3. Weight: 70 kg or 154 lbs.
  4. Ethnicity: White German American
  5. Hair Color: White
  6. Shoe size: 10 US

Career life of Jesse Duplantis

Jesse early life and the schooling is not disclosed, but he had shared his career information to the social media. He addressed to the sermon for the first time, in 1976. Jesse first time appeared in the show “The Apostle of Joy” telecasted on the TBN. He was brought to the social media by John Hagee. Jesse is the multi-talented guy, he used his musical talent to be the full-time evangelistic minister, in 1978.


He had written a book named “Close Encounters of the God Kind”, in which he had described his binding and the worships with the God. Jesse had discussed the reality of life and death, the scenes of heaven, sin, and virtue, love for God and the Humanity in his book.


Jesse Duplantis Ministries is under him, he overrules and manages the headquarters located in America. The ministries branches are spread in the different part of the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Cathy Duplantis and Jesse Duplantis collectively made a base of the Covenant Church, in 1997. This church was the local place for the public, near headquarter of Jesse Duplantis Ministries, in Destrehan, Louisiana.

The JDM is the best way to preach the people and help them to live and change their life according to the Jesus. In the interview, he described his motto which is: “I want to change the world and see the world with the Blessing of the God on everyone and everywhere”. He had written a lot of books for the guidance of the people and his books are translated into 13 different languages. Jesse was seen on the TV shows like Daystar, ABC, NBC, Trinity Broadcasting Network, CBS, and LeSEA.

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Spouse & children

He is a married man, he married to the Cathy Duplantis and have one daughter named Jodi Duplantis Walker. Jesse is living a happy life with his wife and daughter.



  1. Heaven: Close Encounters of the God Kind (1988)
  2. What in Hell Do You Want (2012)
  3. Wanting a God You Can Talk to (2001)
  4. Distortion: The Vanity of Genetically Altered Christianity (2012)
  5. God Is Not Enough, He’s Too Much! (1997)
  6. Living at the Top: How to Prosper God’s Way and Avoid the Pitfalls of Success (2016)
  7. Understanding Salvation: A Guidebook for New Christians (2005)
  8. Why Isn’t My Giving Working?: The Four Types of Giving (2013)
  9. For by Faith: If You Don’t Know What IT Is, You Won’t Get IT (2014)
  10. Sovereignty of God (2005)

Jesse Duplantis – Net Worth

How much is Jesse Duplantis net worth? There are different sources of his income, he earned through the books, preaching, from the TV shows and so on. The net worth of the Jesse Duplantis is $ 40 million USD.


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