Kwon Ji-Yong is a South Korean rapper, record producer, singer, fashion icon, and songwriter. He is also known as GD. G Dragon net worth is estimated as $ 10,000,000. Who was born on August 18, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea. He has released many hit albums and records. He was expecting more earning from producer. He asked for $2000,000 for his album but.

2012$ 508,744
2013$ 627,451
2014$ 818,414
2015$ 941,176
2016$ 1,082,353
2017$ 1,500,000

His father’s name is Kwon Young Hwan. He has started his career when he was 5 years-old. He is known as the youngest Korean rapper. GD had joined the group named “Little Roo’Ra”. He signed a contract with the record producing company and released the first album of his musical career. But later this company was sealed by Government. This was very hurting for him and he thought that he could not become a singer. But he was hired by the MS Entertainment (record company) when he went to trip with his family. He had spent few years there and gained experience. He left this company and joined a rap group WU-Tang Clan. He got more interest in the music after joining this group. They have released a combine Korean Hip-hop album. G Dragon’s net worth of $10 million gives his career new life.

G Dragon Net Worth
Kwon Ji-Yong

G Dragon’s height is 5′ 8″ / 1.73 m, and weight is 135 lbs. or 61 kg. He has Asian ethnicity with Black hair color and Brown eyes. His shoe size is 9 US. He has slim body with Chest size 42 inches / 106 cm, Arms / Biceps size is 14 inches / 35 cm and Waist size is 32 inches / 81 cm.

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8 facts about G Dragon

  1. G Dragon had won “Best Songwriter Award” in MKMF, when he performed with his group Bigbang, at the MNet Km Music Festival.
  2. He first appeared on the TV as a celeb kid in the TV show “Bbo Bbo Bbo”
  3. G Dragon had joined the rap first group: Little Roora at the age of 7.
  4. He had changed his hairstyle many times in a year that’s why known as the “Iguana Idol”.
  5. Super Junior’s KangIn is the best friend of G Dragon since childhood and had helped a lot for developing his career.
  6. GD is the youngest kid of his family and has one sibling: Kwon Dami (sister).
  7. His favorite colors are: yellow, white, green, black, red and gold.
  8. He has more than 7 different tattoos on his bodies.

Personal Life, Net worth and Career

YearsNet Worth
2012$ 4,571,429
2013$ 6,400,000
2014$ 6,956,522
2015$ 8,000,000
2016$ 9,000,000
2017$ 10,000,000

G Dragon has gained $ 1,398,601 from Heartbreaker, $ 1,136,364 from Coup D’Etat, $ 865,801 from Coup D’Etat ‘+ One of a Kind & Heartbreaker, $ 649,351 from Lott’s new Japanese, $554,324 from “G-Dragon’s solo comeback scheduled for August”, and $ 505,051 from other sources. The total earning from all of above records is $5,109,491. He makes $ 941,176 per year and $209,150 from ads and sponsorships.

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G Dragon Net Worth
Kwon Ji-Yong

GD’s genre is a Hip hop and K-pop with label YG Entertainment. The G Dragon is associated with Big Bang, YG Family, GD & TOP, and GD X TAEYANG. He has dated the celebs and Korean singers like Ahn Sohee, Kiko Mizuhara, and Taeyeon. He has play role in the movie Big Bang Made (2016).

G Dragon Net Worth
Kwon Ji-Yong

The net worth of the G-Dragon is $ 10 million USD. Get more information and photographs from his profiles. He has released top songs like good boy, crooked, that xx, who you, heartbreaker, g-dragon crayon, one of a kind -g-dragon 2013 world tour, a boy, zutter, gd&top baby good night, coup d’etat, black, don’t go home, niliria, butterfly, gd&top oh yeah, gd&top knockout, breathe, r.o.d., high high, missing you, shake the world, going to try, gossip man, she’s gone, this love, Korean dream, you do, 1 year, and hello.

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