Want to know How much is Filthy Frank Net Worth? George Miller is Australian Musician and YouTuber who belongs to Japanese ancestry. He is famous by his YouTube name is Filthy Frank, Pink Guy, and Joji. His channel name TVFilthyFrank and is based on Surreal comedy genre. He was born on September 18, 1992. The net worth of the Filthy Frank is $ 1.3 million USD. Visit his profiles to see his pranks and comedies:


Family Info and Personal Life

NameGeorge Miller
Birth dateSeptember 18, 1992
Born placeJapan


SpouseNot yet
ChildrenNot yet
Net Worth$ 1,300,000
Per year income$ 300,000
Earnings by sponsors$ 25,000

His Ethnicity belongs to the Japanese and Australian. Frank is the twin brother of Chin, Chin is the Kings of Ghetto and a great leader as well. Miller graduated from Canadian Academy, in 2012. He had only stated that he is a college student at Brooklyn, New York and don’t want to share any incident related to his personal life. He had made a video “Filthy Frank Exposes Himself???” in which he had shared only a few things including his efforts for the health and other attacks by the illness.

He was the member of the Tempura Boys before the leadership of Chin. Miller ran away to Realm 6.2 in order to save his life from the Chin-Chin gang. He wanted to create his own fame and name, so he had hide G with the name “Frank” Realm 6.2. After some years he had forgotten his personal life and started a new life successfully without Chin. He heard the news of Murder of his bro Chin by Prometheus and he decided to leave this name for some reasons.

He traveled to the Berlin to help the people and to splash the Berlin Wall, there Mr. Magic Man welcomed him, and both fall in love with each other. But Later Frank came to know about the evil plans of Mr. Magic man, so he had traveled back to the Japan, leaving all things.

Miller had worked on YouTube prank video when he was a teenager, but he got no attention or success, later he had renewed them and upload on the Website and got the attention of the public. He had played the main role in DizastaMusic channel. Miller is a rumor as the dirtiest man on the planet, via YouTube. He used to wear his Blue and White striped shirt in most of the videos.  Chef Boyardee is the crush of him and seen in most of his videos.

Once, he had revealed to the media that he hates the person with darker skin than him. He considered such person dirty who worship shrines and walk barefoot around them. He is currently residence to Nairobi Desert and running a teleportation system. Miller had more than 5 million Subscribers at his YouTube channel and got more than 600 million Videos views. He had released 2 albums, 1st is Pink Guy, released on May 23rd, 2014 with free digital format and label Self-released, and second album “Pink season”, released on January 4, 2017, with digital format and label Self-released, got 70th position on the Billboard 200.



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