Famous Dex is an American artist and rapper. He is also known as Black Migo Dex. But his real name is Dexter Gore. He is the son of Deputy Dexter Gore (father), and Pamela Winters-Gore (mother). His father was U.S. Army officer and his mother served as the waitress in the restaurants. Famous had one sister but she was killed 7 days before his birthday while returning from the McDonald’s. He is earning little but reasonable amount from his rapping career. The net worth of the Famous Dex is more than $ 1 million USD.

Famous Dex Net Worth
Famous Dex

He released the popular albums such as Dexter the Robot (released in 2016), OhhMannGoddDamm (released in 2016), Heartbreak Kid (released in 2016), Dexter’s Laboratory (released in 2016), drippy (released in 2016), and Never Seen It Coming (released in 2016).

Famous had faced the medical ups and down in his career. He had the number surgeries of the different parts of the body. After that, he moved towards the singing career and launched the number of songs at the different sources like YouTube, Sound Cloud, and iTunes. In his albums, you can observe the destruction, injuries, and pain.

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How He Makes this net worth?

He had to get his schooling from Robeson High School with his friend Lil Durk. Famous had started further education from the learning center, where he met the famous rap artist called Azealia Banks. He was much inspired by him and decided to make his place in the rap world.

He is earning dollars from the rapping career and producing US bucks. Famous is currently linked with the rapping industry and recording company. His brand’s names are vocal singing, consents, and transaction. Famous Dex was born on September 6, 1993, in Harlem, New York, U.S.A. His age is 23 years.

The Top and famous songs of Dex are rich forever, I get the drip from my walk, new wave, took time, Goyard pt. 2, ok dexter, hit ’em wit it, big blue, I’m cool, lemonade, broke my back for you, do it like that, new k, I’m crazy, 2 times, wit yo bitch, hoes mad, never seen it coming, where?, oh man got damn, going for ten, god damn, new block, I ain’t talking Spaulding, the way that I dance, drippy intro, who told you I was the man, huh, my gang, swag, yeaaa yeaaa, whatever and so on. Finally Famous Dex net worth is stocked to $1 milllion. He is not done yet.

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