Don King is an American Boxing promoter. He is also known as the Donald King for his hairstyling and the cool personality. Don King net worth is reported to be $ 150,000,000.  Don was born on August 20, 1931, in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. He was also appeared in the shows like The Howard Stern Show, Don King: Only in America, In Living Color, and so on. His salary is more than $ 150 million USD.

Image of Don King

  • Birth name: Donald King
  • Birth date: August 20, 1931
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Parent: Hattie King, Clarence King
  • Wife: Henrietta King
  • Children: Deborah King, Carl King, Eric King

Earning according to years

2012$ 9,538,951
2013$ 11,764,706
2014$ 15,345,269
2015$ 17,647,059
2016$ 20,294,118
2017$ 25,000,000


Initial life and career of Don King

Don had joined the John Adams High school and completed his graduation, in 1951. He had taken admission in the Kent state University, but he had left it and started the illicit bookmaking store in the front road of Kinsman Road. Once, he was sent to the jail at the charge of two murders.

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Later, it was revealed that he had killed the Hillary Brown because he was attempting the robbery in his gambling houses, in 1954. He had attempted the 2nd murder of his employee named Sam Garret, he was a prisoner for several years. Later, he was released by the Ohio Governor named Jim Rhodes.  Jim had written the letter to the George Voinovich, Art Modell, Jesse Jackson, Coretta Scott King, and Gabe Paul in which he had clearly ordered to release the Don.

Don King Net Worth
Don King

Don had come to the eyes of the public after the promoting the match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. He had supported the local hospital through this match. With the support of the government of the Zaire, he had broken down all records and earn more than $ 10 million from the Rumble in the Jungle. After the brilliant success of the Rumble in the Jungle, he had moved toward the Thrilla in Manila (A promoting match held between the Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier). This was again the big hit of King. He had earned more revenue than the Rumble in the Jungle. King is also the promoter of the Mike Tyson and Terry Norris.

He was nominated for the International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee, in 1997. Don was declared as the Gaming Hall of Fame inductee, in 2008 and Shaker Boulevard in Cleveland renamed Don King Way, in 2016.

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Net worth according to years

YearsNet worth
2012$ 85,714,286
2013$ 100,000,000
2014$ 120,000,000
2015$ 130,434,783
2016$ 140,000,000
2017$ 150,000,000


Height weight and body measurements

  1. Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)
  2. Weight: 189 lbs.
  3. Ethnicity: Black
  4. Hair color: Grey
  5. Eyes color: Black
  6. Shoe size: 12 US

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