Diane Addonizio is the wife of the famous NFL sports analyst, and actor named Howie Long. Her biography is explained below. Howie was the active player at the national football league and played at the national and international level. He is considered in the eight Pro Bowls. His full name is Howard Matthew Moses Howie Long. Diane came in limelight due to her husband, and no such records and highlights of her career and life are found. She is 77 years old. Addonizio’s hot pictures are given below.

Diane Addonizio
Diane Addonizio
  • Birth name: Diane Addonizio
  • Birthdate: In the middle of 1960
  • Age: 77
  • Birth place: Massachusetts, USA
  • Spouse: Howie Long
  • Kids: Chris Long, Kyle Long, Howard Long, Jr.
  • Grandchildren: Waylon James Long

Biography of Diane Addonizio

Diane is known to us because of her husband, she has not shared her personal information with us. But information about her husband is available. Howie was born on January 6, 1960, in Somerville, Massachusetts. He joined the Milford High School and completed his early education there. Howie was the active member of the football team, and he was an athlete as well. He was also appeared in the Basketball (for 3 years) and track race.

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Howie was the good player at the college football team, after completing his college studies, he joined the Villanova University and earned the degree in the communications. He started his NFL career in 1981.

Addonizio – Height, Weight

  1. Height: 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm)
  2. Eyes color: Black
  3. Weight: 58 kg or 127 lbs.
  4. Ethnicity: White American
  5. Hair Color: Light Brown
  6. Bra Size: 32 B
  7. Dress size: Not known
  8. Measurements: Not known
  9. Shoe size: Not known

 Is Diane Addonizio married or divorced?

Diane Addonizio
Diane Addonizio & Howie Long

Diane is a married woman, she married to National Football League player Howie Long. Howie is Roman Catholic, and the duo has 3 children named: Chris Long (son), Kyle Long (son), and Howard Long, Jr. (son). The couple is living a happy life with each other and the children. They had faced some difficulties in their marriage life due to his shirtless pics shared on the Instagram.

How much is Diane’s Addonizio net worth?

As we have mentioned, she is not working and known because of her husband, so, her husband’s net worth is her net worth. The net worth of Howie Long is $ 14 million USD.

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