Chumlee is an American Actor, TV star, and businessman. He is well known for the TV show Pawn Stars. His real name is Austin Lee Russell, and his date of birth is September 8, 1982. The Chumlee is also famous for his fatty body, but it is a rumor that he had lost his weight via the plan.

Biography of Chumlee

At the age of 12, he was recalled as the Chumlee due to facial cut, healthy face and chin. His friends’ father used to say him that he seem like Walrus Chumley, in the series of Tennessee Tuxedo. He had one best friend named “Corey Big Hoss Harrison”, who is the son and grandson of Rick Harrison and Richard Harrison, respectively. They had a shop of Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, in 1989. He used to spend the time in this shop with his friend.

He was seen in the different episodes of the Pawn Stars like Cutting edge pawn, Wound up rick, Seven barreled pawn, Megawatt money, Killer pawn, My country, pawn of thee, A pawn of lies, Four scores and seven pawns, Pawn another day, Hidden pawn, Pawn in space, Smoking pawn, Great negotiations, Cowboys and cannons, Triple axel pawn, Death and taxidermy, Pops pawn, Double your pawn, Civil war treasures, and Pawn Halen.

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Chumlee is working with his partners like Rick Harrison, Richard Old Man Harrison, Corey Big Hoss Harrison. He had started working with the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop when he was 21 years-old. He used to test the items, load them, and make tickets for the customers. He remained there for more than 5 years and made the entry in the TV series Pawn Stars, in 2009. Chumlee net worth is $ 5 million.

In this series, he was shown as the funky and comic foil, he used to stores the jokes that arise due to lack of interest and dullness. He is also recalled as the Village Idiot, but he revealed that he had not enough knowledge of machines and other expertises. So, he gained the experience and other knowledge related to the machinery from the Pinball Wizards. After that, he was considered as the knowledgeable and skilled person. Chumlee appeared as the breakout character for his fans in this season. After the brilliant victory, he had started his own business of selling T-shirts of his picture and made his fame in the world.

Rick Harrison bought the stock for $ 155,000 from him, in 2010. He had also made sales to the other partners in the series to gain the popularity. He was also seen with the Rick and Corey Harrison of the American TV series named iCarly.

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Height, Weight and Body measurements of Chumlee

  1. Height: 5 feet 9 inches / 1.7m
  2. Ethnicity: White and have Big face and Obesity
  3. Weight: 75 kg / 169 pounds
  4. Hair color: Brown
  5. Chest Size: Nil
  6. Shoe size: 14 US
  7. Gender: Male
  8. Waist: Nil
  9. Arms / Biceps: Nil
  10. Eyes’ color: Black

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