In October and November, rapper Bruce Springsteen starts a solo show for 8 weeks on Broadway to tell his memory and music.Bruce Springsteen Broadway

Five evenings a week, he is on the stage of the Walter Kerr Theater, which is almost 1,000 seats, in order to perform guitar and piano songs and tell stories, the artist said.

The Broadway Marathon Springsteens starts with pre-shows on 3 October, has the official premiere on 12 October and ends on 26 November.

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Personal and Intimate Shows

“I wanted to make such personal and intimate shows as possible,” he explained. “I chose Broadway because there are these beautiful, old theaters. This seemed to me the right setting for what I was going to do. The 960 seats there – with perhaps one or two exceptions – are the smallest venue I have played in the last 40 years. My show consists only of me, my guitar, my piano as well as lyrics and music. One part of the show will consist of spoken text, another will be sung.”

Springsteen could also read from his autobiography “Born to Run” published in the previous year.

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