What is Adrien Broner Net Worth? Adrien Jerome Broner is an American professional boxer. He was born on July 28, 1989, in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. Broner is also known by his nicknames The Problem, Lil Brother, About Billions (AB), and The Can Man. He is rated at super featherweight, Lightweight, Light welterweight, and Welterweight. The net worth of the Adrien Broner is $ 3 million USD. Know about the Adrien Broner matches and other details from profiles:



2012$ 190,779
2013$ 235,294
2014$ 306,905
2015$ 352,941
2016$ 405,882
2017$ 500,000

Broner was a street boy and spend childhood in the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. He said in an interview that sports and boxing have saved his life. He started his boxing career at the age of six. Broner has become a professional player after winning the boxing competition against Allante Davis, David Warren Huffman, and Ramon Flores, on May 31, 2008.

Adrien Broner Net Worth
Adrien Jerome Broner

The height of Adrien Broner is 5 feet 7 inches / 170 cm, weight is 159 lbs. or 72 kg. His ethnicity is black American. The hair color and eyes color of Broner. The Chest size is 32 inches, Arms / Biceps size 12 inches, and Waist size 34 inches. The shoe size of Adrien Broner is 12 US.

Adrien Broner – Net Worth

2012$ 890,779
2013$ 1,235,294
2014$ 1,606,905
2015$ 1,952,941
2016$ 2,405,882
2017$ 3,000,000

He had fought total 36 fights in which he won 24 by knockout, 9 by decision, and loses 2 by decision. Recently, he had uploaded shocking images on his Instagram account page, on October 17, 2016. He was arrested for punching out a waitress at Drai’s, a nightclub.

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Adrien Broner Net Worth
Adrien Jerome Broner

He played role in the 2 Days: Adrien Broner and 2 Days: Adrien Broner Part II, in 2012, A Day in the Life, in 2013. Broner had played the first acts in “Lurkin” by Waka Flocka Flame, on July 21, 2012, “Backseat Freestyle” by Kendrick Lamar, on November 17, 2012, Ain’t Worried about Nothing by French Montana, in June 22, 2013, Box Chevy by Rick Ross, in May 3, 2014, Lifestyle by Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan, on September 6, 2014.

Broner had fought with the other professional boxers like Marcos Maidana, David Warren Huffman, and Ramon Flores and so on. He was the 4rth weight champion, in 2008. Broner played as the WBO junior lightweight little in 2011 and 2012. He got the real title of the WBC lightweight in 2012 and 2013. Broner got the WBC welterweight title, in 2014. From 2015 to 2016, he got the WBC super lightweight title.

Adrien Broner Net Worth
Adrien Jerome Broner

He made his first professional record in 2008, after that he was known as the professional boxer. His 1st round of knockout was against the professional boxers named: David warren and Ramon floras Huffman. The fight was amazing and the results were in the favor of Broner. He won that round.

Broner had fought against the Daniel ponce de Leon in the competition held, in 2011. In the beginning, the fight was slow and not so interesting but later the battle occurred between the boxers. The audience said that the fight will become a draw because both competitors were performing well, but at the end, Broner won the match. He fought to the Jason lit for 10 rounds but at the end of the whole match, he was declared as the winner. The earning of Broner per match is $ 1,122,000, and per year is $ 352,941.

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5 Facts about Adrien Broner

  1. Adrien Broner and his wife Arie Nicole has 2 children, and they reveal to sources that duo is raising their children together.
  2. He missed his boxing matches for his family because he wants to fill the gap of his childhood.
    Adrien Broner Net Worth
    Adrien Jerome Broner
  3. Broner had uploaded a family picture on the Instagram with an apologizing message for his friends, that he can’t come because he is spending this time with his family.
  4. There was a rumor of the breakup of Adrien Broner and Arie Nicole. The duo was facing troubles in their relationship and also sharing updates on social media.
  5. Once, his wife kicked him out of her house at night. He had updated his status on Instagram: “Nichole did not want me to come back to her house, my past had ruined me out”.


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