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What is Joey Badass Net Worth

Joey Badass is an American actor and rapper. His real name is Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott and born on January 20, 1995, at Brooklyn, New York, U.S. He had released the albums like Summer Knights, B4.Da.$$, Rejex, and so on. The net worth of the Joey Badass is more than $ 4 million USD.

Joey Badass Net Worth:

Years Net worth
2012 $1,714,286
2013 $2,400,000
2014 $2,608,696
2015 $3,000,000
2016 $3,500,000
2017 $4,000,000

How much is Joey Badass Net Worth

He is the member of the Caribbean family, living in the United States. From his mother side, he is from the island of St. Lucia, but from father side, he is Jamaican. He is grown up in the Bed-Stuy, where he had joined the Edward R. Murrow High School. Joey Badass had a great interest in the acting and in the rapping. He had focus these field when he was in the 9th standard.

Years Earnings
2012 $190,779
2013 $235,294
2014 $306,905
2015 $352,941
2016 $405,882
2017 $500,000

Jo-Vaughn Virginie ScottHe entered in the music field by the name of JayOhVee but later he changed his name to the Joey Badass. Joey had stated in the interview that he had changed his name due some media reasons, he had stated that he considered this name as a cool name at that arena. He had written his first poetry at the age of 11. He had made the identity with his school friend CJ Fly, Capital Steez and Powers Pleasant. There is list of richest rappers in 2017 on this page. He is around bottom still, he need to prove himself as best singer.

The height of the Joey is 6′ 2″ / 1.88 m, with weight 155 lbs. He is black American with black hairs and black eyes. Joey Badass’s net worth is more than $4 million. He had earned a lot from the albums, songs, raps and his acting career. Joey had earned $ 524,476 from B4.Da.$$, $ 426,136 from Summer Knights, $ 324,675 from Rejex, $ 243,506 from 1999, and $ 207,871 from other albums.

His famous albums are All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ (released in 2017), B4.Da.$$ (released in 2015), Summer Knights (released in 2013), Rejex (released in 2012), 1999 (released in 2012), and Real State (released in 2017).

Joey Badass's Net Worth

Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott

The top songs of Joey are devastated, Christ conscious, black beetles, survival tactics, paper trail$, 95 till infinity, land of the free, Rockabye baby, Rockabye Baby, My Yout, Unorthodox, waves, Hardknock, Righteous mind, Hazes view, Killiminati, Brooklyn’s own, Funky Ho’S, Temptation, LongLiveSteelo, like me, No. 99, FormdaTomb$, Snakes, World Domination, lose control, front & center, legendary, lost ones, what about the rest of us, run up on ya, Babylon, and so on.

5 Facts about Joey Badass

  1. His motivators are the rappers Black Thought, J Dilla, Nas, MF DOOM, Tupac Shakur and so on.
  2. He collaborates with the music of different cultures.
  3. There is the hidden memory of his mom on the album: “My Yout”.
  4. His income per annum is $ 352,941 and he had earned the amount $ 78,431 from ads, endorsements, and sponsorships.
  5. The net worth of Joey Badass is $ 4 million USD.

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