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Sky burners Command Beacon

Sky burners Command Beacon is an item rarity (signed by white color) Consumable (used to give gratuities for a short time). It is obtained by Cabal Centurion, Colossus, and Phalanx on The Dreadnaught. In the game, it is used to activate the console. When the player entered the room, there is a console on the left side of the door. When you activate the console, a dropship will arrive with the Cabal Champion.  In the next phase, you have to defeat the enemy to get the sky burners deployment codes.

Sky burners Command Beacon

Sky burners Command Beacon

Name Skyburners Command Beacon
Category Consumable
Rarity Common
Used by Cabal Centurion



Functionality It is used to defeat the enemy that contains the deployment codes

Sky burners are the fighters in the base game and cabal legion, they always protect the high-value Cabal Commanders. They were considered as the advanced encountered force under the Valus Ta’aurc. Sky burners go together with the Ta’aurc when they send the leading Ice Reapers to hunt down Rasputin. Sky burners are only encountered in the final stage of Cerberus and Dust Palace.

Appearance of Sky burners

Sky burners always wear the light red or blue armor. There is the brush on their helmets and they have Psion Burner unit.

Main Members

The main members you see in the game are mentioned below:

  1. Primus Ta’aun
  2. Valus Tlu’urn
  3. Valus Mau’ual
  4. Valus Tau’ugh
  5. Valus Gho’ourn
  6. Bracus Thra’aurg
  7. Ve’ength

Types of Consumable Sky burners

Consumable are the devices that are used to give gratuities for a short time. One consumable item is only used for one time. Only one player can use it only for 5 minutes, after that it diminishes. We have mentioned some consumable with their functionalities:

 Names Function
Radiant Treasure It have one Silver Dust, one Exotic Weapon Ornament, and two other items
Saladin’s Tag It Opens one big gift in the Tower
Silver Dust It is Applied on Stuffs, used to purchase the end products from Eververse, Chroma from Eva and  Ornaments from Xur
All Hallows’ Eve Not known
Amanda’s Tag It Opens one big gift in the Tower
Dusty Iron Engram It is used to decrypts into 1 and 2 years IB stuff
Enhanced SIVA Offering It is used to initiated 340 Light Level event
Few winter Souvenir It changes your head into a big snow globe.
Fused SIVA Offering It is used to initiated 340 Light Level event
Iron Armor Class Items It give 1 piece of Iron Class Armor per class
Iron Armor Head It give 1 piece of Iron Helmet per class
SIVA Cache Key It is used to open SIVA Caches (cache give prize once a week).
Skeleton Key It is used to open a Strike Hoard.
Snow Dreg It gives you a cosmetic for snowman head.
Iron Armor Legs It give 1 piece of Iron leg Armor per class
Iron Engram It is used to decrypts one and two year gear
Iron Lords’ Legacy It Interchange the end products of the phase from Iron Lord and Tyra Karn
Hunter’s Surge of Light It is the used in the level 40 to boost the player for one Hunter, one subclass, and telemetries.
Iron Armor Arms It give 1 piece of Iron Gauntlets per class
Iron Armor Chest It give 1 piece of Iron Chest Armor per class
Isenfyre Token It is used to open the door across of the bridge. It is placed in the central fire to shoot the player from the tower.
Paper Fortune Not Known
Perfected SIVA Offering It is used to initiated 360 Light Level event in Archon’s Forge

How to play and get Sky burners Command Beacon?

Here are few steps that will help the player in playing the game:

Sky burners Command Beacon

Sky burners Command Beacon

  1. In this game, you have to kill the enemies to get points. When you kill the enemies they threw the sky burners command Beacon. You should collect it because these are the chain of the next level of the game.
  2. After getting the beacon, you have to activate it. For its activation, you have to go in the entrance of cabal ship, you will find a base station where you can activate it.
  3. Now play the game in your own way to defeat the enemies. Once you have defeated your big enemy then he will drop a sky burner code. Just pick up the code.
  4. Now, go to the station for the deployment of the code. It requires three phases: In the first phase, you have to stop the signal and defeat your enemies. In the second phase, you have to scan the components of the engine (Note: search in the Cabal ship’s surrounding area), after searching pull the ghost and scan the areas within the time limits of 2 phase. In the third phase, Leader Interceptor gives you the task of shooting the Cabal boss.
  5. After defeating the enemies, you will get the sky burner security pass. This pass will help you to open the chest and get your money.


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