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Nicky Jam Net Worth

How Much Has Nicky Jam Made?

Nicky Jam net worth: $ 500,000

Nicky Jam is an American is a singer and songwriter. His Birth name is Nick Rivera Caminero. He was born on March 17, 1981, in the United States. Nicky has sung songs like hasta el Amanecer, el perdón, travesuras, el amante and etc. He has earned a lot from his songs, albums, and discographies. The net worth of Nicky Jam is $ 500 Thousands USD. Get news and updates from his following profiles:


Years Earnings
2013 $ 52,941
2014 $ 36,905
2015 $ 75,294
2016 $ 90,779
2017 $105,882

Nicky Jam has earned $ 19,077,901, in 2013, and his yearly income is $105,882.

Name Nick Rivera Caminero
Nicky Jam Net Worth

Nick Rivera Caminero

Birth date March 17, 1981
Death Date April 21, 2016
Born place United States
Popularity Singer


Spouse Not yet
Children Not yet
 Nicky Jam Net Worth $ 500,000
Per year income $ 78,000
Earnings by sponsors $ 53,107

Nicky Jam is the son of Puerto Rican (father) and Dominican (mother). At the age of 10, he moved to Barrio Obrero, in Puerto Rico with his family. He was named as Nicky by a homeless man. His family was very poor, he used to work at the grocery store to help his family. Once, music director met him and signed him in his album.  At the age of 14, he recorded his 1st album: “Distinto A Los Demás”. His this album was not successful but he gained the attention of other music producers like DJ Joe, DJ Playero and DJ Chiklin.

Nicky Jam Net Worth

Nick Rivera Caminero

Nicky Jam has not gained fame like other popular singers but still, have many fans. Here, we have provided his body measurements:

Nicky Jam’s height 6 feet 2 inches / 185 cm
Weight 88 kg / 194 lbs.
Ethnicity White American
Color of Hair Blad
Gender Male
Color of Eyes Brown
Shoes size 12 US


How much is Nicky Jam Net worth:

Years Net Worth
2012 $ 189,394
2013 $ 207,871
2014 $ 243,506
2015 $ 324,675
2016 $ 426,136
2017 $ 500,000
Nicky Jam Net Worth

Nick Rivera Caminero

Nicky Jam has released many albums and songs, he has also written the songs for other artist and record producer. Here we have given the names of his albums or songs with income:

Albums/ Songs Name: Income
Hasta El Amanecer $ 38,643
El Perdón $ 27,667
Travesuras $ 33,505
El Amante $ 20,043
El Ganador $ 20,823
Juego Prohibidos $ 27,803
Total Earning: $ 168,484

He had earned $ 38,643 from Hasta El Amanecer song and the total earning from above albums or songs is $ 168,484. The net worth of Nicky Jam is $ 0.5 million USD. Nicky Jam yearly income is more than $ 78,000. He has also earned $ 53,107 USD by sponsors.

Nicky Jam’s Partners

He has worked with music directors like:

  1. Daddy Yankee
  2. DJ Playero
  3. Magnate & Valentino
  4. Enrique Iglesias
  5. Hector & Tito
  6. Lito & Polaco
  7. DJ Joe
  8. K.M & Ken-Y
  9. DJ Chiklin

Nicky’s Associated Acts

Here are the Genre, Labels and Associated Acts of Nicky Jam:

Nicky Jam Net Worth

Nick Rivera Caminero


  1. Reggaeton


  1. Industria Inc.
  2. Sony Latin
  3. RCA

Associated Acts

  1. Daddy Yankee
  2. Magnate & Valentino
  3. Enrique Iglesias
  4. Hector & Tito
  5. Lito & Polaco
  6. K.M & Ken-Y

Top songs of Nicky Jam

Here are the top songs of the Nicky Jam:

  1. Hasta El Amanecer
  2. El Perdón
  3. Travesuras
  4. El Amante
  5. El Ganador
  6. Juego Prohibidos
  7. Superhéroe
  8. Cuando Quieras
  9. Piensas En Mí
  10. El Perdón Y Travesuras
  11. Loco
  12. No Te Puedo Olvidar
  13. Nadie Como Tú
  14. Mi Fantasia
  15. Tu Cuerpo Me Ama
  16. Los Perros Se Enamoran
  17. I Can’t Forget You
  18. Without You
  19. With You Tonight
  20. No Soy Tu Marido

Top discographies of Nicky Jam

Here are the top discographies of the Nicky Jam:

  1. Distinto A Los Demás (1994)
  2. Haciendo Escante (2001)
  3. Salón de La Fama (2003)
  4. Vida Escante (2004)
  5. Vida Escante: Special Edition (2005)
  6. The Black Carpet (2007)
  7. Fenix (2017)

5 FACTS about Nicky Jam

  1. Nicky Jam has won two awards, in 2016: Collaboration of the Year and Urban Song of the Year.
  2. He belongs to a poor family and used to beg on groceries from the store to help his family.
    Nicky Jam Net Worth

    Nick Rivera Caminero

  3. The jam was nominated for International Group/Duo of the Year by NRJ Music Awards.
  4. He had released remix album “La Calle Lo Pidio” with the support of rapper J Alvarez.
  5. Nicky was born in the leap year, in the winter season and in monkey month according to the Chinese.

Nicky Jam got the net worth of 0.5 million in past year and still the same in new year.

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