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Master p Net Worth

How much Money Master P makes? 

Forbes told, Master p net worth is estimated to be $ 370,000,000. Percy Robert Miller is an American rapper, actor, philanthropist, investor, businessman, author, record producer, filmmaker, and former basketball player. He is known as Master P among his fans. Master P was born on April 29, 1967, in New Orleans, United States. The net worth of the Kodak Master P is $ 370 million USD.

He made a hip-hop group without registration. He struggled a lot on this field but he kept with it. At last, they make it as Gansta rap. With his independent thinking, his group has gone viral. Master P group played Vulgar lyrics, Jazz, Hard beats. Master P is still doing at best in singing.

Earnings in Years

Years Earnings
2012 $ 20,349,762
2013 $ 25,098,039
2014 $ 32,736,573
2015 $ 37,647,059
2016 $ 43,294,118
2017 $ 45,000,000

Percy Robert Miller is the older child of his parent, he has 4 siblings: Germaine Miller (sister), Silkk the Shocker (brother), C-Murder (brother), and Kevin Miller (brother). He had joined Booker T. Washington High School & Warren Easton High School. In school, he was the best player of the basketball. Miller had joined the University of Houston on an athletic scholarship but he was dropped from it after few months. Then, he had joined Merritt College in Oakland, California and continued his business career. He had received $10 thousand dollars as a part of a malpractice settlement, after the death of his grandparent. 1

Miller had opened a record store named: No Limit Records, in Richmond, California. But later he had founded his own record label. He had released the cassette tape “Mind of a Psychopath”, on February 15, 1990. After the few months, his brother was murdered in New Orleans and this was very upsetting news for him. But he had never loosed his hope and worked hard to keep his track. The death of his brother was the motivation for him and he became a successful businessman to support his family.

Percy Robert Miller has an athletic body with height is 6′ 2″ / 190 cm, and weight is 168 lbs. or 76 kg. He is black American with black hair and eyes. His shoe size is 14 US.

How much is Net worth of Master P? $ 370 Million

Years Net Worth
2012 $ 182,857,143
2013 $ 256,000,000
2014 $ 278,260,870
2015 $ 320,000,000
2016 $ 350,000,000
2017 $ 370,000,000

Master P has made revenue $ 55,944,056 from We All We Got, $ 45,454,545 No Limit Forever, $ 34,632,035 from The Gift (Return of the Ice Cream Man), $ 25,974,026 from The Gift, $ 22,172,949 from Icon, and $ 20,202,020 from Greatest Hitz. The total income from all above albums and discographies is $ 204,379,631.

Master p Net Worth

Percy Robert Miller

Percy Robert Miller’s genre is a Hip hop with labels: No Limit Forever (current), No Limit, in-A-Minute, SOLAR, Priority, EMI, The New No Limit, Universal, E1 Music, Guttar Music, and Take a Stand.

Master P has released top songs like I miss my homies, pass me da green, mr. ice cream man, make ’em say uhh, bourbons and lacs, gangstas need love, let’s get ’em, crazy bout ya, weed & money, break ’em off somethin’, middle finga, burbons and lacs, if I could change, thug girl, ooohhhwee, hot boys & girls, goodbye to my homies, bout dat, we riders, stop hatin, bout it, bout it ii, ice on my wrist, eyes on your enemies, friends with benefits, bout it, bout it, break em, make em say uhh #2, time to check my crackhouse, never ending game, these streets keep me rollin’, when they gone, my ghetto heroes. And so on.

Master p Net Worth

Percy Robert Miller

5 Facts about Master P:

  1. He has married Sonya Miller, in 1991 and has 9 children: Romeo Miller (son), Cymphonique Miller (daughter), Tytyana Miller (daughter), Veno Miller (son), Italy Miller (daughter), Young V (son), Hercy Miller (son), Inty Miller (daughter), and Mercy Miller (son).
  2. Master P has launched a sugar-free energy drink named: S9.
  3. He is also an Alumina of the University of Houston.
  4. Miller has made a toy line by the name of “The Talking Master P doll”.
  5. He was a former basketball player and also affiliated with NBA team.

Master P net worth of $370 million puts people thinking to join basketball player as career.


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