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Kodak Black Net Worth

Dieuson Octave is an American hip hop recording artist and songwriter. Kodak Black net worth is $ 50 thousand USD. He is famous by his stage names: Kodak Black and J-Black. Kodak Black was born on June 11, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida, United States. He is active in the music industry since 2009 and released many hit albums. He earned more than $0.1 Million in 2017.


Kodak Black’s Net worth: $50,000,000

Average yearly Salary: $100,00

Years Earnings
2012 $ 58,744
2013 $ 67,451
2014 $ 88,414
2015 $ 94,176
2016 $ 82,353
2017 $ 100,000

His family background is not publicized, but his parent was immigrant from Hitachi. Black was grown up by his mother in the housing project of pajama in the Beach, Florida. He had started the practice of the music and raps, he was titled as “Black” and “Lil black” at the age of 6. Kodak Black had attended Blanche Ely High School for early education. Kodak Black had joined the rap group “Brutal Yungez” and released his first mixtape, in December 2013, by Dollar N Deals.

Kodak Black Net Worth

Dieuson Octave

Kodak Black’s height is 5′ 9″ / 1.76 m, and weight is 158 lbs. or 71 kg. His ethnicity is black American with Brown hair and Black eyes. His shoe size is 12 US. He has an athletic body.

Personal life and net worth:

Years Net Worth
2012 $ 167,990
2013 $ 213,634
2014 $ 280,700
2015 $ 322,000
2016 $ 450,000
2017 $ 500,000

Kodak Black has earned income of $ 81,483 from Project Baby (2013), $ 109,383 Heart of Projects (2014), $ 96,943 from Institution (2015), $ 150,000 from Lil B.I.G Pac (2016), and the total money from all mix tapes is $ 337,809. He earns $ 115,000 per year and $ 57,284 from sponsorship.

Kodak Black Net Worth

Dieuson Octave

Kodak Black’s genre is a Hip hop and traps with labels: Dollaz N Dealz, Sniper Gang, and Atlantic. His top hip hop records albums are Painting Pictures (released in 2017), Lil Big Pac (released in 2016), Heart of the Projects (released in 2014), Project Baby (released in 2013), and Institution (released in 2015). Net worth of Kodak Black is about $50 million.

Kodak Black has made hits and released songs such as tunnel vision, there he go, no flockin, skrt, like dat, too many years, skrilla, everything 1k, vibin in this bih, i.m.y, gave it all I got, Hollywood, young prodigy, deep in these streets, can I, slayed, big bank, if you ain’t ridin’, institution, purp, me, myself & I, heart of the projects, boss my life up, shoulda woulda, shake back, from the ugly, shit on me, my wrist, back on my feet, fresh out, fresh out, and blood sweat tears revenge.

Kodak Black Net Worth

Dieuson Octave

He was arrested by cops for bank robbery, battery, possession of cannabis and wrong custody of a child, from Pampa Beach, Florida, USA, in October 2015. But released later from the goal. He stayed 3 times in the year in a youth detention center. Kodak black was again arrested for armed robbery and false imprisonment in Broward County Florida. He was kept in official custody at this time and he appeared in the court of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America. He started from $167,990 to $500,000 this year.

5 Facts about Kodak Black

  1. Kodak Black’s music depicts the criminal indeed and activities.
  2. When he had made an account on Instagram he had selected the profile name “Kodak Black”.
  3. He was famous as “Lil’ Black” at the age of 6.
    Kodak Black Net Worth

    Dieuson Octave

  4. Kodak Black was arrested for carrying the weapons with him, in April 2016, in Hallandale Beach, Florida.
  5. His earning is low as compared to other rappers but he is rising star of future. He will gain more success and income in upcoming years.


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