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Kell Brook Net Worth

How Much is Kell Brook Net Worth? Ezekiel Brook is an American professional boxer. He was declared as the second welterweight of the world according to the “The Ring magazine”. Ezekiel is also known by his nicknames: The Special One and Special K. He was born on 3 May 1986, in South Yorkshire, England. The net worth of the Kell Brook is $ 10 million USD.

He tweeted about his recent fight with Errol Spence, and teasing him about this. :p

I think Errol shows some weakness, as he said that Anthony Joshua will be greatest name in boxing. That might be reason, Brook is not taking him seriously as opponent.

Kell Brook Net Worth?

Years Kell Net worth
2012 $ 3,994,000
2013 $ 4,500,000
2014 $ 5,000,000
2015 $ 6,000,000
2016 $ 8,922,600
2017 $ 10,000,000

He had taken part in the professional fight, in 2004, and won the match against the professional boxer named journeyman Peter Buckley. Kell had fought 4 matches in the same year and won them. He had won the opportunity to learn the trade in the opposition of the journeymen, in June 2008, and fought against the British and made the record of sixteen to zero. He earns $ 1,087,400 per year and $ 842,760 from sponsorship, ads and other sources.

Kell Brook Net Worth

Kell Brook

Kell is the amazing and impressive personality, and his hard work made him a different and successful person. Brook had fought against the Welshman Barrie Jones at the London York Hall. He was replaced over the Kevin McIntyre, due to the severe injury, and fight against the Yorkshireman. Brook had won the vacant belt with the 7th round and become famous.

Kell Brook Net Worth

Kell Brook

After winning the vacant belt, he was hired for the championship that is held at the Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall, in 2008. Before the competition, he stated in the interview that once he will win the fight then it will get clear that who will be the British champion. During the competition, Kell defeats the McIntyre thrice in the same round and became the champion.

After the winning championship, he returned to the York Hall to meet Stuart Elwell (the former marine), for the second vacant championship. This fight was also stopped by the referee in the 2nd round and announcing that the Brook is the champion. Brook challenged that he will get the Lonsdale belt by defeating the Prizefighter winner Michael Lomax. This fight was held at the MEN Arena in Manchester and won by the Brook. After winning the fight, he revealed in the interview that he believe in himself and could say that he definitely win the match to whom he challenge. Brook’s net worth has been increased since last year.

Everyone is waiting for Brook vs Spence fight, so Brook is ready as we can see he ends training.

He has fought 37 total fights in which he had won 36 and lose 1. His major successes and hits are as follow:

  1. Common Wealth Super Middle Weight Title (2012)
  2. Super-Middle Weight Championship (2013)
  3. British Super Middle Weight Championship (2009)
  4. Super Six World Boxing Classic: Final (2004)

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