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Joe Rogan Net Worth

How much is Joe Rogan worth?

Joe Rogan Net Worth: $53,000,000

Joe Rogan is an American comedian, television host, sports commentator, podcast host, and actor. Joe real name is Joseph James Rogan. He was born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey, US. He has played an important role in movies and TV shows like a Fear factory, Joe Rogan questions everything etc. He has made much revenue from his TV shows, hosting, movies, ads, endorsements, and so on. The net worth of Joe Rogan is $ 53 million USD. See fresh pics and news at his following IDs.

Earnings in these Years:

Years Earnings
2012 $1,207,197
2013 $1,708,302
2014 $2,006,205
2015 $2,460,380
2016 $3,509,312
2017 $4,000,000

The earning of Joe Rogan was $1,207,197, in 2012, but increased gradually and now his yearly income is $4 million USD.

Name Joseph James Rogan
Joe Rogan Net Worth

Joseph James Rogan

Birth date August 11, 1967
Born place Newark, New Jersey, US.
  • Comedian
  • Television host
  • Sports commentator
  • Podcast host
  • Actor
Spouse Jessica Rogan
Children  3
Joe Rogan Net Worth $53,000,000
Per year income $4,000,000
Earnings by sponsors $2,508,508

Joe Rogan has started his career as the stand-up comedian, in 1988. He was grown up by his grandparent because his mother and father divorced when he was 5 years. He said in an interview that his father is not in contact with him since childhood. Rogan with his family migrated to the San Francisco, California. Rogan joined Newton South High School for studies. He was graduated, in 1985. He was interested in the basketball (also participated in Little League Baseball) and martial arts. He married to Jessica Rogan and has 3 children.

Body States:

Joe Rogan Net Worth

Joseph James Rogan

Joe Rogan has made the audience laugh from his comedy. He is serving people from more than 20 years. He is tall, heighted and handsome personality. Here, we have mentioned his body measurements:

Name Joseph James Rogan
Joe Rogan’s height 5 feet 6 inches / 1.73 m
Weight 72 kg / 158 lbs.
Ethnicity White
Color of Hair Brown
Gender Male
Color of Eyes Dark Brown
Shoes size 10 US

 How much is Joe Rogan Net worth?:

Years Net Worth
2012 $35,000,000
2013 $40,000,000
2014 $43,000,000
2015 $45,000,000
2016 $50,000,000
2017 $53,000,000



Joe Rogan Net Worth

Joseph James Rogan

Joe Rogan has hosted many TV shows and played the main role in many Hollywood movies. He is also a podcaster. Here are his famous movies and shows:

Movies Name: Year
Zoo Keeper 2011
Venus and Vegas 2010
UFC 97 2009
UFC 98 2009
UFC 88: breakthrough 2008
UFC 53: Heavy Hitters 2005


Top TV Shows:

Here is the list of top TV shows of Joe Rogan:

  1. Joe Rogan Questions Everything
  2. Fear Factor
  3. Game Show in My Head
  4. The Man Show
  5. Friday Night Videos
  6. NewsRadio
  7. Hardball (1994 TV series)
  8. UFC Ultimate Insider
  9. UFC Wired
  10. Inside The UFC

The Joe Rogan net worth is $53 million USD. Joe Rogan yearly income is more than $4,000,000. She has also earned $2,508,508 USD by sponsors.

Comedy shows:

Here are the comedies shows of Joe Rogan:

Joe Rogan Net Worth

Joseph James Rogan

Name Year                  
I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday 2000
“Voodoo Punanny” 2000
Live from the Belly of the Beast 2001
Joe Rogan: Live 2006
Shiny Happy Jihad 2007
Talking Monkeys in Space 2010
Live from the Tabernacle 2012
Rocky Mountain High 2014
Triggered 2016



He was nominated for the best Teen Choice Award for the Choice TV Reality/Variety Host for Fear Factor, in 2003. He has won World MMA Awards: MMA Personality of the Year (2011), MMA Personality of the Year (2012), MMA Personality of the Year (2014), and MMA Personality of the Year (2015). Joe has won Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Best Television Announcer (2010), and Best Television Announcer (2011).

6 FACTS about Joe Rogan:

  1. Joe Rogan has won a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, he is a Two Kwon Do Champion.
  2. He does a podcast on the show “The Joe Rogan Experience” twice a week, he used to ask the guest about the martial arts, comedies, and shows.
    Joe Rogan Net Worth

    Joseph James Rogan

  3. Joe is the big fan of cannabis, he used to write about the smoking and drugs, he had also presented a documentary on “Marijuana: A chronic history”.
  4. He is the Host of famous reality TV show: Fear Factor.
  5. Joe is a confident and good speaker, he was also a good commentator for the UFC.
  6. Joe used to serve as the commentator on big championships.

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