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Jodie Fletchers sister of trey smith

Jodie Fletcher is the daughter of famous actress Sheree Zampino and Terrell Fletcher who is football player in USA. She is the granddaughter of the famous boxing promoter Les Zampino. Her date of birth is unknow, but the pretty girl was born after the one year of the marriage of her parents. She is attending the school nowadays. Jodie is the beautiful younger sister of his step-brother, Trey Smith. Trey is the son of the Sheree and Will Smith.

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Parent information and Bio

Terrell Fletcher was the former football player, and Sheree Zampino is the famous actress. Her mother is also known as the ex-wife of the popular actor named Will Smith. The duo had fallen in love at the show named Fresh Prince of Bel Air, in 1990. Then this couple married in 1992, and have one son. After three years this duo divorced in 1995. Sheree stated in an interview that the reason for her divorce was the immature behavior. During the performance at the show Hollywood Exes, his fans noticed the change in her behavior and the cold attitude towards her husband.

Later, Sheree met the former football player Terrell Fletcher. They began dating to each other for several months.  Sheree attaches the name of the Terrell with her in 2007. They married and after some period of time, Sheree gave birth to the daughter named: Jodie.  When people call her the ex-wife of will then these words disturb the feeling her husband Terrell.

Jodie Fletcher’s siblings

Trey Smith is the half-brother and the only sibling of the Jodie. He is her brother from her mother, and he was born in 1992. Trey is a teenage actor, and make a lot of fans and fame like her mother and father. Everyone knows about the background history of his parent. And he is called as the son of the ex-wife of Will Smith.

How Much is Jodie Fletcher’s net worth?

As Jodie is school going girl, so her net worth could not be estimated. But you can say that Sheree net worth is Jodie net worth i.e. $ 6 million USD.


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