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Jared Kushner Net Worth 2017 - How Rich is Ivanka Trump's Husband

Jared Kushner Net Worth: Jared Corey Kushner (born January 10, 1981, in Livingston, New Jersey) is an American real estate manager, media entrepreneur, a financial investor and political advisor. Kushner has been making net worth of $800 million.

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Jared Kushner Net Worth 2017 - How Rich is Ivanka Trump's Husband

His wife Ivanka Trump (Yael Kushner) is the daughter of Donald Trumps, who is the 45th president of the United States. Kushner was one of the most capable advisers in the presidential election campaign of Donald Trump in 2015/16, leading the digital communication strategy, which was considered a decisive factor. Since January 2017, Kushner has been a senior adviser to the president and has special functions, including the Special Representative for the Middle East. In turn, it is alleged a collision of Trump’s campaign team with the Russian authorities determined.

How Rich is Ivanka Trump's Husband

Family Background:

Kushner was born in 1981 in Livingston, New York City, as the eldest son of the real estate specialist Charles Kushner (* 1954) and Seryl Kushner (née Stadtmauer), a Modern Orthodox Jewish family. His brother Joshua Kushner (* 1985) is an investment fund supervisor and founder of venture capital company Thrive Capital. His sister Nicole is married to Joseph Meyer. Meyer is chairman of the board of the Press company Observer Media Group of Jared Kushner and publisher of the online publication Kushner.com. Kushner, originally from Belarus, grandparents Joseph and Reichel Kushner survived as supporters of Bielski the Holocaust and emigrated to 1949 from Italy to New York. In New York, Joseph Kushner laid the cornerstone of the true Kushner dynasty, to which is the uncle of Jared, Murray Kushner, and his son, Marc Kushner.
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

In 2009, Kushner married Ivanka Trump, who converted Haskel Lookstein to Judaism before his marriage to Rabbi Haskel and took the name, Yael Kushner. The living Jewish Orthodox couple lives in Park Avenue on the Upper East Side in New York, visited the Modern Orthodox synagogue Kehilath Jeshurun; He claims to be the Jewish dietary laws and the Sabbath has, the Kushner couple has three children: Arabella, Joseph and Theodore. According to its data, the assets of Kushner are approximately US $740 million.

Jared Kushner is the chairman of the family-owned Charles and Seryl Kushner Foundation, which has donated over 100 million US dollars to mostly Jewish institutions, organizations, universities, and hospitals. Kushner’s grandmother was a co-founder of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Jared Kushner and his family have a long-standing personal friendship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who during a US visit to the Kushners’ home in Jared’s bedroom. Netanyahu already met Jared Kushner for his childhood days.

Education and Training:

Jared Kushner finished the private and in the tradition of modern orthodox Judaism The Fresh School in Paramus, New Jersey. According to the economic journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winner Daniel Golden, Kushner was reported by representatives of his high school as a moderate student. Nevertheless, Kushner was believed at the Harvard University, known for her rigorous selection system. Previously, Kushner’s father had given 2.5 million dollars to the elite university. Kushner finished his sociology studies in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts (BA). Also, at the New York University Law School in 2007, Kushner completed a combined law and business management degree with a doctorate (JD) and a Master’s degree (MBA). Previously his father Charles Kushner had also donated $ 3 million to New York University.

After completing his degrees at the NYU, Jared Kushner completed internships with New York Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau and Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, New York Attorneys at Law.

Entrepreneurial Career:

From 2004 onwards, Kushner served for the family real estate agency and since then has been responsible for the Kushner Companies’ annual billions of sales. After his father Charles Kushner was sentenced to a multi-year prison sentence in 2005 for illegal election campaigning, tax evasion, and torture, Jared Kushner took over the management of the company.

In January 2007, the 26-year-old Jared Kushner completed the most expensive purchase of a single real estate project in US history, in which he awarded Tishman Speyer Properties the 41-story 666 Fifth Avenue office building in New York City for 1.8 billion US dollars Dollars. Since then, the office complex and its rental potential have been regarded as “crown jewels” by the Kushner real estate group. Jared and his father Charles Kushner have their offices on the 15th floor of the 666 Fifth Avenue building. Since 2011 the Real Estate Trust Fund Vornado Realty Trust has been the owner of the property. In January 2017, Jared Kushner began his activities as a sworn chief consultant of US President Donald Trump. He transferred his shares in the building to a family-owned foundation in which he is not involved in the business. Jared Kushner and the Kushner Companies are criticized for their connections of activities with the Israeli billionaire Raz Steinmetz. Raz Steinmetz is a nephew of the controversial diamond and real estate agent Beny Steinmetz and has supported Kushner several times with loans in a total of 550 million US dollars for the purchase of New York real estate in the best position. Critics point out possible political conflicts of interest due to the business connections of the Kushners and Steinmetz.

In May 2015, Jared Kushner bought for $ 295 million from Africa Israel Investments Ltd. The New York Times Square Building in Manhattan. According to the Wall Street Journal, Kushner contributed $ 14 billion in real estate. In December 2016, the Kushner Companies had a total of 1.2 million square meters of office space and 20,000 apartments in six US states under their chairman, Jared Kushner.

In addition to numerous properties, Kushner also owns the media company Observer Media Group, which specializes in digital content. Starting in 2006, he bought several print and online publications and cumulatively collected them under the company Observer Media Group, including the New York Observer, the New York Observer. The books of the initially purchased print magazines ScooterScene, and Yue were discontinued gradually. Instead, the online publications BetaBeatGallerist, and Politicker were acquired and established. A major relaunch of the Observer Media publications took place in 2015/2016. The deficit print edition of the New York Observer last appeared on November 9, 2016, one day after the US presidential election. Since then, The New York Observer, BetaBeat, Gallerist, and Politicker have been grouped in an online appearance and are published exclusively in digital form under the address Observer.com. One day after the US presidential election. Since then, The New York ObserverBetaBeatGalleristand Politicker have been grouped in an online appearance and are published exclusively in digital form under the address Observer.com. One day after the US presidential election. Since then, The New York ObserverBetaBeatGallerist, and Politicker have been grouped in an online appearance and are published exclusively in digital form under the address Observer.com.

Kushner holds an indirect stake in the $ 1.5 billion risk capital company Thrive Capital of his brother Joshua. The private equity company specializing in Internet and software companies participates worldwide in more than 100 investments, including investments in the Apps Instagram, Slack and the online payment platform Stripe. Kushner and his brother invest over Thrive Capital, together with the billionaires George Soros, Yuri Milner and Jack Ma and the investment bank Goldman Sachs in the digital technology and real estate investment platform Cadre.Com.

Political Advisor to Donald Trump:

Election campaign manager:

Kushner was the leading campaign manager in the election campaign of Donald Trumps, Presidential Election Campaign 2015/16. He selected the venues and made a significant contribution to Trumps’ travel plans. In particular, Kushner developed and led the fundraising and social media campaigns, which were considered to be optional. For those of Kushner as Project Alamo called digital online campaign Kushner used his relationships with over 100 internet specialists and data analysts from the Silicon Valley. The digital nerve center of Trump’s election campaign moved Kushner from the Silicon Valley to San Antonio in the US state of Texas. With only 100. 000 US dollars of election campaign costs per week, the Project Alamo team targeted the 12 to 14 million email addresses of potential voters collected through the various social media channels.  With its small budget, Kushner was calculated for the former Google – CEO Eric Schmidt, the biggest surprise of the presidential elections. With its small budget, Kushner was calculated for the former Google – CEO Eric Schmidt, the biggest surprise of the presidential elections. With its small budget, Kushner was calculated for the former Google – CEO Eric Schmidt, the biggest surprise of the presidential elections. Jared Kushner’s net worth is more than 800,000,000 USD.

Chief of the US President:

Kushner, described as discreet, loyal and witty, is regarded as the most influential adviser, gray eminence, and stripper of US President Trump. Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger calls Kushner “Trumps most significant confidants.” According to Handelsblatt Kushner acts “informally and in the background. Hardly visible, with maximum influence “. According to Christoph von Marschall, since June 2016 Kushner has been regarded as “the center of the Trumps political team.”

On January 20, 2017, Kushner was appointed an official Senior Advisor to the President of the United States (Chief Consultant), together with Trumps spokesman Stephen Miller. To rule out a conflict of interests, Jared Kushner informed his lawyer Jamie Gorelick that Kushner was leaving his company, “depositing substantial assets” and remaining out of government concerns that affected his financial interests.

White House Office of American Innovation:

At the end of March 2017, it was announced that Jared Kushner would lead the administration of a new department of the White House (“White House Office of American Innovation”), directly subordinated to US President Trump. The aim was to transfer ideas from the business sector to government work. First of all, this department would have the task of reorganizing the Federal Bureaucracy, reforming the supply of the US war veterans, combating drug abuse and privatizing government functions so far. Kushner explained that the government should work for a large American company. The new division is a specialist unit consisting of strategic consultants from former managers and tech leaders from Silicon Valley such as Gary Cohn and Marc Benioff.

Special Representative for the Middle East:

Kushner is to become a Special Representative in the Middle East. Trump said this peace at a meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “a better place than you can ever imagine.”



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