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How tall is G Eazy

G-Eazy is an American Rapper, record producer, and the songwriter, his fans are dispersed in the world and wants to know that how tall is G-Eazy (height) and what the other measurements of the G Eazy are. He is 1.96 m tall and if we measure it in feet than the calculation is about 6 ft. 5 inch. The real name of the G-Eazy is Gerald Earl Gillum. He was born on May 24, 1989, at the state Oakland of the California. Now he is of 26 years old.

Early life of G-Eazy

The father name of G-Eazy is Edward Gallium, and mother name is Suzanne Olmsted. When G-Eazy was in the first grade, his mother left his father and the brother of G-Eazy and he went with the grandparents. He grew up in the grandparent’s home in the  Berkeley, California. Later on, they moved to the state Oakland of the California with grandparents.

How tall is G-Eazy

Gerald Earl Gillum

When he was 12 years old, seen his mother, who was dating the woman those days named as Melissa Mills. Eazy was confused on this relation but later on accepted the mills as the part of his family. Mills was found dead due to overdose(disease name Manic depressive disorder). One day, G-Eazy came home from the school and finds the dead body of mills. Mills was dead due to the overdose of the medicines. This whole incident was described in the album named “Everything will be OK” and “When it’s Dark out”. He graduated in BA in the music industry in the year 2011 from the Loyola University at New Orleans. He is now considered as the Hip-Hop as the James dean.

Name of family members

Full name Gerald Earl Gillum
 Father Edward Gallium
Mother Suzanne Olmsted
Brother James and Noah

Career and Biography of G-Eazy

G-Eazy career begins in the year 2006 and he had released many hit albums. His fans are dispersed in the world and want to know that how tall is G-Eazy and what the get up mostly he wears is. He comes on the stage with a jacket made up of leather. G-Eazy is known as “the James Dean of the rap”. He first released his Album first album when he was still studying at Loyola University at New Orleans, named as “The Epidemic LP.” After two years, he made another hit while releasing the album named as “Runaround Sue”. In 2012, he made another hit while releasing the second version of his LP Album named as “Must be Nice”. In 2014, he released his first labeled album named as “These Things Happens”. In the late of 2015, he released his famous album “When it’s Dark out”. In 2016, he is seen with the logic, YG, and Yo Gotti for the release of the next album.

How tall is G-Eazy

Gerald Earl Gillum

Names of famous Albums

When it’s Dark out Released in 2015
These Things Happens Released in 2014
Must Be Nice Released in 2012
The Endless Summer Released in 2011
Let’s Get Lost Remixes Released in 2015
Plastic Dreams Released in 2012
Mad Released in 2012
Rebel Released in 2011


Measurements of G-Eazy

How tall is G-Eazy

Gerald Earl Gillum

Following are personal facts and the measurements of the G-Eazy:

Name Gerald Earl Gillum
Date of Birth May 24, 1989
Height (How tall is G-Eazy) 6 ft. 5 inch
Weight 185 pounds
Color of Eyes Dark brown
Color of Hair Black
Shoe size 12 size
Girlfriend Devon Baldwin
Body Tall and Thin
Ethnicity White
Nationality The United States of America
Sun Sign Gemini
Net worth $ 1 million


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