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G- Eazy girlfriends and dates

G Eazy is the famous American rapper, he has a long list of fans and majority of them are female fans. He is featured in the latest song of Britney Spears, “Make me” from the latest album of pop princess “Glory.” He comes on the stage with slick black styling and a black upper. His styling is quite simple but loved by fans. G-Eazy set his named after launching the hit album in 2011; his real name is Gerald Earl Gillum. He was born at the state Oakland of the California, on May 24, 1989, now he is 26 years old.

Whom G-Eazy Dating with?

G-Eazy is a young handsome singer, also a topic of gossip among girls and social media. The activities of the favorite stars are noticed by his / her fans, so is the case with G-Eazy. His fans want to know whom G-Eazy dating. From previous years we have found no relationship history of G-Eazy and he was single, but currently we got news from the source that he has purposed a singer for marriage named Devon Baldwin. Eazy’s fans will soon good news about his marriage.

G- Eazy girlfriends and dates

G- Eazy

Incident that changed life of Eazy

G-Eazy lived his childhood in troubles after the divorce of his parent. He saw his mother dating with the Melissa Mills. Eazy can’t understand the nature of this relation but he welcomed Melissa as the part of the family. One day he came back home and find her dead due to the overdose of drugs. This was heart touching incident for Eazy that he can’t forget. He had also described the whole incident in his album “Everything will be OK” and “When it’s Dark out”.

G- Eazy girlfriends and dates

G- EazyList of Top 10 songs of G-Eazy

G-Eazy’s Top 10 Songs

Here is the list of top 10 songs of G-Eazy

  1. “I Mean It”
  2. “Tumblr Girls”
  3. “Almost Famous”
  4. “Must Be Nice”
  5. “Lady Killers”
  6. “I Might”
  7. “These Things Happen”
  8. “Far Alone”
  9. “Lotta that”
  10. “Let’s Get Lost”

Slick Black Hair Styling

In an interview, he had said that his grandfather used to hear the old song and he were also interested in that kind of music. He also told that his mom would play the old music of the Johnny Cash”. And Eazy was impressed by the styling of the Johnny cash. General styling of Eazy involves the Slick Black Hair. His fans usually own the style of Eazy’s slick style.

Inspiration from his Mother

Every woman is behind the success of a man, and behind Eazy, his supportive mother was standing. She used to send him to the school for the learning music. Eazy’s mother always attends his concerts. She is always present on his all concerts for cheering him. Once, during the concert, he asked her mother to come on stage for a smoke.

G- Eazy girlfriends and dates

G- Eazy


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