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Carl Froch Net Worth

Carl Froch was a professional boxer and now working as a boxing expert and interpreter for Sky Sports. He is thrice time the champion of the world, one from 2008 to 2011, 2nd from 2012 to 2015, 3rd from 2013 to 2015. Carl was born on 2 July 1977, in Nottingham, England. He had started his boxing career at the Phoenix ABC, located at Gedling, Nottingham. Carl had made his first hit by winning the middleweight titles, in 1999. He had won the medal in the World Amateur Boxing Championships. Before starting the professional career, he had his first fight, in March 2002. He had earned maximum revenue from his career. The net worth of the Carl Froch is $ 35 million USD. He is not married yet, his girlfriend name is Rachael Cordingley.

Carl Froch Net Worth

Years Net worth
2011 $  5,000,000
2012 $  8,000,000
2013 $ 13,000,000
2014 $ 19,000,000
2015 $  24,000,000
2016 $  29,000,000
2017 $  35,000,000



Carl Froch Net Worth

Carl Froch

Robert McCracken was the personal trainer and Mick Hennessy was the manager of the Carl at initial, but later Eddie Hearn had trained him. He had entered in the boxing world, in March 2002, and fought against the Michael Pinnock at York Hall, located at the Bethnal Green, London. His weight is 10 pounds greater than the Froch. He had won the fight after the 4rth round of the knockout. Carl had participated in 4 fights with the Mike Duffield, Darren Covill, Ojay Abrahams, and Paul Bonson, in the same years and won 3 rounds in the knockout. He had won the fight against the Valery Odin, in 2003. This was the 1st fight at the Nottingham Arena and after winning this fight he had won the title5 years later. In the following years, he had fought in the 3rd, 4rth, 10th month of the year. In this year, he had fought against the Varujan Davtyan, and Michael Monaghan. He had won the 9 fights, and 7 more knockouts are pending.

Super Six World Boxing Classic had featured 6 famous boxers like Andre Dirrell, Mikkel Kessler, Arthur Abraham, Jermain Taylor, Andre Ward, and Froch.

Carl Froch Net Worth

Carl Froch

Froch vs. Dirrell

Their fight takes place on 17 Oct, at Nottingham. He had won the fight by 115 to 112 against the Andre Dirrell and got the title.

Froch vs. Kessler

He fights against the Mikkel Kessler, and Mikkel had fought against the Andre Ward for the WBA super-middleweight title. Carl had a great fight with the Kessler at the Denmark, both fights was memorable and interesting. Kessler had taken the label of Froch, and it was the first loss of him due to the unsure decision of the judges. Three judges had given the scores of 116 to 112, 115 to 113 and 117 to 111.

Froch vs. Abraham

Carl had fought the match against the Arthur Abraham and became the IBF middleweight champion. Mikkel Kessler had also participated in this tournament but due to severe injury of the eyes, he had resigned from the tournament. Later, Abraham was also disqualified from the tournament due to victimizing the Andre Dirrell. Carl had regained his title from different points and getting a victory against the Arthur Abraham in Helsinki. He was scored 119 to 109, 120 to 108 and 120 to 108 by the judges.

Froch vs. Johnson

After getting the success over the Abraham, he selected for the semifinal and fought against the Glen Johnson. He scored 116 to 112, 117 to 111, and 114 to 114.

Carl Froch vs George Groves

George Groves and Carl Froch will never friends again but Groves will get back position as best as he was. Public loves George more, they wanna see him, included me.

Froch vs. Ward

Carl had lost in the final and Andre Ward was declared as the champion in the WBA super-middleweight championship. Ward got the title of The Ring super middleweight, and judges scored him 115 to 113, 115 to 113 and 118 to 110.

Carl Froch’s main achievements are IBF Super-Middle Weight Championship (2014), Super Six World Boxing Classic: Final (2011), WBC British Super Middle Weight Championship (2008), and Common Wealth Super Middle Weight Title (2004). Carl Froch’s net worth has been increasing day by day.

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