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Armin van Buuren net worth

Armin is an American-Dutch DJ, record producer, musician, remixer, pianist, and songwriter. His real name is Armin van Buuren, van Buuren is his family name, born on 25 December 1976 in Leiden, Netherlands.

Name Armin van Buuren
Armin van Buuren net worth
Born  25 December 1976
Born place Leiden, Netherlands
Spouse Erika van Thiel
  1. Fenna van Buuren
  2. Remy van Buuren
Popularity Dutch Dj
Net Worth $ 40,000,000

Armin van Buuren was born on 25 December 1976, in Leiden, Netherlands. He got married to Erika van Thiel, in 2009. He has two children: Fenna van Buuren and Remy van Buuren.

How much Armin Van Buuren makes?:

Years Earnings
2011 $20,512,820
2012 $27,118,644
2013 $27,272,728
2014 $33,333,333
2015 $36,363,637
2016 $40,000,000


Album Names Earning from these albums
More Intense Edition $3,333,333
Intense $2,500,000
A State of Trance 2015 $2,285,714
A State of Trance 2014 $2,051,282
Mirage $1,739,130
Total Earning: $11,909,460

As we can see that income from More Intense Edition is greater than other albums. Total income from above all albums is $11,909,460.



Name Armin van Buuren
Armin van Buuren’s Height 6 ft. 2 inches
Weight 176 lbs. /81 kg
Ethnicity White
Color of Hair Fair
Body Slim
Gender Male
Color of Eyes Blue
Feet 10.5 US

Genres + labels

Here is the list of Armin van Buuren Genres and Labels:

  1. Uplifting Trance
  2. Trance
  3. Progressive Trance
  4. House
  5. Progressive house
  6. Electro house
  7. Armada
  8. Revealed
  9. The State of Trance
  10. Armind
  11. Vandit
  12. Ministry of Sound

Buuren’s Hit Songs

Here is the list of top songs of Armin van Buuren:

  1. In & out of love
  2. This is what it feels like.
  3. Another you
  4. Not giving up on love
  5. Heading up high
  6. Waiting for the night
  7. Fine without you
  8. Strong ones
  9. Feels so good
  10. The light between us
  11. Orbion
  12. Freefall
  13. Blue fear
  14. Burned with the desire
  15. Sound of Goodbye

Armin van Buuren has been making the net worth of $4,848,000. He has also earned $1,250,000 amount by sponsors.


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